Great little Relay controller and 433Mhz fob integration!

I wasn't sure if this is the place to put this, but i found and am using one of these;

2 Channels 5-12 V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch

I bought this as it connects via Zigbee and I was hoping it would be a way to get a normal 433mhz fob controlling my HE, and in that it works a treat!

So here's exactly what you can expect;

It's easy to attach to HE via Zigbee, using the Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch Drive.

I can control each relay independently, as well as get a status condition of whether they're on or off!

The relays have NO and NC on each and are rated at 10a.. but I probably wouldn't put that much through it!

it doesn't come with a case (which is quite clear on the picture!), but it would be nice nice to have been in a case of some sort, as it's not the most attractive thing, so you'll have to box it up and hide it away!

The fob is easy to program and the buttons tie to a specific relay, it would be nice to be able to have the fob independent of the relay control, so you can get fob activation and relay status separately, this means if you want to have 2 buttons to set/reset the alarm, as well as activate an external alarm box, you'll need to have a couple (but they're cheap for what they are!)

The fob range isn't great, expect about 4 or 5m max, so you'll have to install it near where you plan to use it!

The power is nice giving you lots of options, for either 5v USB or 7-32v AC or DC.

Over all for the price, I think it's an excellent buy, clearly, I've only had it a few days, so we'll see if it holds up over time!

There are probably a load of these things about, but this is the first I've seen and used! And as it enables you to both control standard relay and/or have a fob on your system to do stuff (set an alarm, open a garage or door, trigger a more complex routine etc!), i thought it a good find!


The US version at Amazon is:

as far as I can tell.. it has one (bad) review by "one of us" :slight_smile:


There's also a single channel version that gets reviewed a lot better (including by one of us):

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Looks like they used the wrong generic driver! once you use the right one, it creates the Generic Child device like a double switch etc!


One of the single channel boards just self configured as a Generic Zigbee Outlet for me (like easier than some name brand devices I've paired in fact).

The Generic Zigbee Switch seems to be working fine but would anyone know the mechanics causing it NOT to self configure with that in the first place?

Tying in another thread reference to these.

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State after power loss, recovery, and network rejoin. Plus a comment on reporting.

RE: MHCOZY 1 Channel 5V 12V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch

Just want to put it out there that loss of power testing shows these rejoining the Zigbee network without a hitch in the state, ON or OFF, they were last in before the power loss.

Confirmations of this behavior are welcomed before I start depending on it. :flushed:

===> Further follow up showing example of frequent reporting,
seems chatty for no real benefit <===

dev:2322021-07-08 17:15:04.431 infoWell - Pump is off [physical]

dev:2322021-07-08 17:10:04.406 infoWell - Pump - is off [physical]

dev:2322021-07-08 17:05:04.385 infoWell - Pump - is off [physical]

Also curious about the difference between denoting [physical] vs [digital] as in:

dev:2322021-07-08 17:21:42.700 infoWell - Pump - was turned on [digital]

I would assume that the 433Mhz fob capability is hack-able and if you had no use for this feature, (and wanted to thwart this control risk) that snipping the antenna off would be a reasonable thing do to....OR....might this fry the RF components and possibly more across the board?

Just got a single channel relay to replace a WiFi Ewelink that I had on some exterior floodlights.
Paired right away, actually faster than a lot of other Zigbee devices I have. Shows up as Generic Zigbee Outlet.
I had an old 433Mhz single button transmitter that paired easily with the relay. I'm getting about 100 ft away with a consistent response. If you extend the antenna a little it works better. My daughter uses the FOB to turn on the floodlights when driving up to the house in her car. Immediately updates the state in HE when switched on or off with the FOB, so I was able to set a rule to also turn on porch lights and set her presence as home. Pretty versatile relay for only a few bucks.

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Any idea what the proper driver is that creates the child object, and where to find it?

1 Channel is working great. The other is not recognized at all, but that is using the generic outlet driver.


I tried the "Zigbee Generic Multi-Endpoint Switch" and it added 2 child objects.

The children each control a channel and the parent controls both at once!!!!

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Seeing unavailable on these 2 channel units now. Likely the supply chain issues everyone is having. Question about dimensions, the Amazon listed dimensions (6 x 3.85 x 1.2 inches) are suspect and sound more like "the box it comes in" vs the module.

Anyone know the length, width, and height of these?

Not accurate because I'm not taking it completely out of the project box it is wedged into, but holding a ruler up to it is roughly 1.5" wide, .75" tall, and 5.25" long

Thanks for that. The "project box accommodation" was what I was actually after anyway. So it is actually over 5" long. OK !

Sorry I got the last one from Amazon.
4 1/8 x 1 1/4 x 3/4

If you have a local Container Store they sell lots of great food storage containers in varying sizes. That’s what I put this relay into to control both the opener and the light.

I'll be damn! least it was a hubitat-er. LOL

Thanks for those exact dimensions. I hope they keep making them, and at this price!

Have a shallow 12vDC well pump on the single channel module housed in one of these outdoor boxes shown below. Was about to replace it with a dual channel module to also control a surface pump in a tank. Needed to know the dimensions for the box.

I am happy to report that even with turning the power off this circuit nightly the module comes back up, reconnects with the hub flawlessly...and controls the water as it needs to through the day.

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I made a 3D-printed housing for it, posted over here:


@PunchCardPgmr Amazon showing them "in stock soon" @ $18.99.

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Relevant Item to Note - Release 2.2.9 of Hubitat Compatibility

Wonder if this means we need to reload that driver?
Big thanks to the Hubitat Team for noticing.

Hey, just a short and possible not so smart question: Do I get it right, following the schematics from the relay, that I could power it with, let's say a 5V powerbank but still work for example a 12V stepper motor with this thing, because of the possible different output?

Not how I use it (12vdc all the way),
but what you are describing is how I see it.

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Posting this here so fans of these relays are aware their guts seem to be similar to the guts of these bulb socket/adapter units ( ZigBee Smart Light Bulb Socket, AICase )
linked in the thread below.

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