Geofence not working *UPDATED*

Manually updating my location in the hub using a browser did not automatically update my location in the app. However, yesterday I opened the app and dragged the pin of the hub location inside the blue circle exactly where the blue dot (current location) is. The app finally shows Inside Geofence. I changed my mode to Day using the browser. Of course I got in the car and drove away. I was happy to see Sent Exit message and my mode changed to Away. But when I returned the mode continues to show Away. Any ideas? Thank you all for the help.

Hi everybody I am new here and I was very excited to receive and start using my Hubitat hub. I hooked up motion sensors and switches and everything is working great. But the Geofence it’s not working on my iPhone 6s. It shows my hub in the middle of United States but the blue dot shows my location right at my house. I contacted support and received no answer. Can anyone please help me? I have given permission to the app do you use my location Always. Thank you

You can tap (hold) and then drag the pin to your actual location on the map in the app.

Did you set your hub’s location in the admin pages using a web browser? When that’s done, the mobile app should automatically set your hub’s location without having to manually move it in the app.

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Thank you Mark for your message. This is what I just did: I opened google map on my cell and noted my long/lat exact of my house. I went to the hub with a browser and updated my location. The map of the hub settings shows my house correctly. I clicked Update. I closed and re-opened the app, I get a message at the top "Sent EXIT geoevent for current location. At the bottom it says Out of Geofence. The red dot is not at my house. Did I miss something? Thank you Mark.

I have yet to get the Geo-events on the app to work correctly and consistently with the hub.

Thank you for your message. Side question: Have you tried the Smarthing hub? Does their geofence work?

I punted SmartThings when I moved to Hubitat.

If you are looking for a reliable presence sensor, try Life360.



A few other choices (links go to Hubitat integrations):

iOS/Android: OwnTracks - Hubitat integration by @brianwilson
iOS: Geofency - Hubitat integration by @brianwilson
iOS: Locative - Hubitat integration by @mikee385

Also want to mention that in addition to the built-in Life360 integration, there's an excellent integration from @bptworld.

Thank you guys for all the help! I will get on this now!

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Well, I was all excited about trying those Presence options. I have an IPhone 6. None of those Presence options can be installed on my phone because they all require IOS 13 or higher. My phone is up to date with 12.5 :frowning: Any other options out there? Thank you.

That's a shame. OwnTracks used to work with iOS 12.4.

Treat yourself to a new iPhone!


It doesn’t sound like it. Not sure why the hub location didn’t update itself in the app. But you can still manually hold then drag the pin wherever you need it to.

We would need some more details to try to understand if your issue is at all related to OP’s question.

Don't want to hijack OP's thread...I posted a thread here a few weeks back, and Life360 was what was recommended.

Life360 can be a good option, particularly for more complex geolocation automations that involve multiple locations and users.

The Hubitat app works fine for simple geofencing needs around the hub location.

Hi guys, some of you need more details to understand the issue so i documented the problem. Please look at the attached word document. Thank you.

Connect to your hub using a browser and go to settings > location and modes then set your location there. See if that helps.

Edit: Also might want to go to that first pic and block your HUB ID and mac.

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Thank you Terminal3 but I already did that as shown in my pictures.

One more error this morning.
other error

Okay I missed that first pic, I thought those were all screen shots from the app.

I am posting those additional errors in hope someone sees what is missing or incorrect settings
other error

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