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I am having trouble getting my geofence to “use” the new request config I’ve created. Tapping anywhere doesn’t seem to make it take effect.

Also @marcus.kida I would find it useful if, when you get a chance, it were possible to send test events for a geofence. This would also come in handy when for one reason or another the request fails to send and we are inside the geofence but need to send the request to mend the automation state.


I don’t use Locative. Just want to say that I’m so impressed with your integrity and customer support that I’m going to download it, and purchase a subscription.


@durable-navy-blue-ot after you saved it you should be able to select it using the „Select“-button. I prepared some screens but unfortunately I‘m not allowed to share links or media here :-/

You can then confirm it‘s set up / being used a) on the Settings screen and b) on a specific Location (very bottom, should say your Request Design name in light gray-ish).

I‘ll add a way to test the request for single Locations as well, I‘ve just added it to the list.

@aaiyar thank you very much for these kind words, I‘m still very passionate about this project and I really enjoy working on it, using it myself and ultimately see others use it as well.


Oh I have it now. I didn’t realize the word Select was a button and kept clicking into and out of the slide up to edit the request itself. Thank you!

More than earned a lifetime subscriber here. Cheers Marcus!


@marcus.kida - Thank you for taking the time to join the Hubitat Community and to provide such amazing customer service! I am very glad to have paid for a lifetime Pro subscription to help keep this amazing product alive.


Thank you all for these kind words. It‘s the least I could do, I don‘t want people to get the feeling of breaking something and then charging to get something back to a working state.

That said, as you might have noticed Locative is not my main source of income but it‘s something I‘m very passionate about and the In-App Purchases help me justify to invest time into it.

If you‘re missing features, or experiencing bugs feel free to hit me up.

Thank you all for being kind and showing this very solution-oriented attitude, unfortunately that‘s definitely not always the case online.


@marcus.kida Thanks so much for coming here and being involved in this forum. When I posted my issue yesterday, I never expected that the developer would come and be so responsive to everyone's questions. Your level of customer service is amazing!

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So going from these latest posts, the latest version of the 'Locative' app works OK.
The reason I'm asking is if you go back some way in this thread then the app was no longer maintained and would only work with HE with an old apk ver 3.2.0. Newer versions did not work.
I'm assuming that this is now not the case.

Locative has always worked for me on iOS. I have never tried it on Android.

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Perhaps it was only an android issue then. I have the old apk loaded and I'm using it OK so it's not an issue for me but since this thread has become active again I thought I would ask.


@marcus.kida should comment, but I think that Locative for Android was developed by someone else.

Wrong. My Google-Fu needs improvement. Looks like the product was discontinued ~2014, but was developed by Marcus.

That’s been my experience as well.


I had previously created my own custom app for working with Locative:

I was originally accepting GET requests, but like you said, this broke in v5 with the extra payload that Locative started sending. I changed my app to accept POST requests, and everything worked perfectly again. No need to use the Request Designer!


Hello All,

I am recent to hubitat and I am trying to sort my presence. I read a lot and having several presence inputs is the best strategy with the great Combined presence app. I read several people discussing Locative. I installed in my iPhone and even bought the plan for custom templates as I thought it was needed. And I still can't find the places to put URLs you refer at the top of this post. Could anyone please help with instructions from the start on how to configure the mobile app part? I see no fields in setting to input anything. (and I selected GET option)

P.S. - I used the 2 URLS discussed at the top in my computer browser after installing the Maker API, used the device ID that I created, and I got a successful json request . But how does this tie in with the mobile app?

Thank you in advance.

In the Locative App on your phone, make sure to create a New Location (click the plus sign in the top right corner of the Locative app.) Once you do that, and you click on the location, you will be able to enter a "Webhook on arrival" and a "Webhook on departure". This is where the two MakerAPI url's are entered as GET commands.

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Thank you so much @ogiewon. I completely missed that! I created the location, but didn't enter it. I went straight to the App Settings instead. Now it is clear, and using the instructions at the top of this post I am able to run the arrived/departed action in my hub through the web hook. Tomorrow I will leave the house to test it! :slight_smile: Thanks Habitat Community! Great!

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Marcus I am in NO WAY a developer or even try to play one on TV. I am totally lost trying to get Locative and HE working together. If you built a little step by step primer on how to get things working with the Maker API, I would signup for a subscription in a heartbeats. Right now I just spent 45 minutes reading through over 3 years of posts and I am no closer to getting this configured than when I started. LOL. Cheers!

I still use Locative using the instructions I posted a while back. I agree that the instructions could use a refresher, but the only thing that has changed a little is the user interface in the Locative App on your phone.

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Yup I get it and appreciate what you did so far. Here is where I get lost. I don't know where to get or how to build the two URLs that need to be added to Locative. I am obviously doing this cloud based, so do I need to add login credentials? Is the deviceID I need the really long ID I see in the device details? Where do I find it? All other fields and settings stay default in both the Locative and in the Maker API app? There is lots more in both that no-one is talking about.

This is where learning about how the Maker API app works will come in very handy. First, you'll need to manually create a Virtual Presence Device. Then, expose that device to Maker API, which needs to have CLOUD access enabled. If you then go into the Maker API app, you'll see the basics of the cloud URLs, including the hubID and accessToken. I described exactly how to get the Device ID in my post that I linked above.

You can even simply use a web browser to try each of the two URLs. One to set the virtual presence sensor to "present", and the other to set it to "not present". If you've got everything correct, you'll see the virtual presence sensor's device page update its attribute accordingly.

Once the CLOUD URLs are known to be working, you can then add them to the Locative App on your phone.



It'll be in your browser's address URL when you are viewing the Virtual Presence Device.

or you can get as I mentioned in my post that I linked above.

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