Garage Door Set Up

Today I added a 12 volt relay and smart outlet to my garage door opener. So when I turn the switch on, it activates the relay and open/ closes the garage door. I would like to set up a rule to have the switch turn on for 2 seconds and then off & stay off. It only needs to turn on when I want to open or close the garage door. Also, if i add the outlet to my dashboard will the switch stay in the off mode.



What smart outlet did you use? It may be possible to write a driver for it that automatically turns it off if it is turned on. I use a Securifi Peanut for the same purpose and use a momentary driver for the Securifi Peanut.

If you stick with RM, your rule would look like this:

Trigger: Outlet turns on
Action: Turn outlet off with a delay of 2 seconds

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I am using a Samsung outlet. Would I need the momentary driver before setting up the rule.

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No. A momentary driver would make the rule unnecessary.

So, if I add the outlet to my dashboard, will the rule be enforced?


How does this look?

No, that's no good. When you turn "Garage Door" off, there's a choice to build in a delay. That's where you want the 2 seconds.

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Yes. Definitely.

Got it. I made the adjustment below.

Looks good. Should work. And it'll work from the Dashboard too.

Awesome, thanks for the help!! I am still trying to learn the terminology of RM 4.0.

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Hey, I decided to add a Samsung contact sensor to let me know if the garage door is open. I want to implement the contact into to my rule but can't seem to get it to work yet. I got the sensor to connect to HE, but I would like a notification when the garage door is open when the contact sensor is open.


I've got two separate rules:

Rule 1:

Control the Garage Door based on the position of the sensor (open/closed). This rule makes use of two virtual switches "Close Garage Door" and "Raise Garage Door".


This rule sends me notifications when the door is open or closed, and will automatically close the door after 1 hour, unless a virtual switch called "Persist" is on.

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Thanks for the info. It may take me a day or two to figure this out!!! LOL. Keep you posted

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