Finally mounted my control tablet

I've been puttering around with settings and devices for a while, so I thought I'd share how I set up my home control tablet. It's a 8" el cheapo tablet from Amazon (android 6, not one of their Fire ones) mounted with a tablet mount from the UK that took much too long to arrive.

I replaced the 3way switch for the entrance with a pico so it could be mounted IN the cover plate over the drywall without cutting any extra holes, then installed a receptacle and a slim usb 2 port charger in the receptacle to charge the tablet.

It's running fully kiosk browser with auto-wake on camera motion, so the screen sleeps unless I walk up to it. Homepage url is the SmartTiles running on Hubitat (I had an old set of the code saved from ages ago) and has Spotify and Google Play Music for audio, accessible through the apps function of Fully Kiosk.


For a slimmer mount, I may swap out the cable for a 90 degree one and the outlet for a usb one. Hopefully that’ll clean it up a bit more. I’m having trouble sourcing a micro-usb to usb-A with both 90degree ends in white though.

Nice! Are you using SmartTiles? (EDIT: I see that you are. I used that back in the day but never thought to save the source and don’t think I have a way to retrieve that…) I’m using ActionTiles (via the Other Hub integration by krlaframboise) but am also experimenting with HADashboard since most of my devices are also integrated into Home Assistant via MQTT (I experimented with moving from ST to Home Assistant before Hubitat was released and am in the lovely position right now of having at least some logic in all three).

I rent right now and I have a Fire mounted to the wall with a USB cable run through a surface-mount channel to the tablet—not as pretty as what you’re doing but not ugly. I always thought that when I owned a house, I’d put in a recessed outlet and some sort of slim or 90-degree micro-USB cable that can discreetly attach to the tablet from behind with little to no visible cable … but it turns out I bought an old house with lath and plaster walls, so I’m not sure if I’ll really be able to do that, but I’ll see. :slight_smile: Many people on the ST Community forums (and Facebook groups) have posted about these setups if you haven’t seen them, but yours is obviously much simpler and (if you have a neutral in the box, which you must) doesn’t require any additional electrical work to be done.

Yeah, neutral in the box. I debated punching a hole through the wall and running a longer power cord to the fridge receptacle that’s behind the wall and around the corner, but it’s a rental too, so less holes is better.

I have a double-ended 90degree grey cable on order from China, so when that arrives I’ll probably swap the power cord out and install a USB outlet instead for a slightly cleaner look.

You can add receptacles with lath and plaster it’s just really not very much fun. A holesaw bit and a sawzall is the ideal way, then retrofit boxes.

I have an interest in switching to housepanel but I’m not really a programmer and a lot of the customization settings are still embedded in the script files.

So smarttiles can run on habitat?? That’s what I’m using, and it’s a big component of my setup.

Good to know.
The final link would be an equivalent of sharptools…

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There’s some push to get sharptools ported. [Whither **Sharp Tools**]

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This is mine, I’m running fully kiosk browser on a zipatile... the power is recessed at the back.

Highly recommend the zipatile, expensive for what it is (not using the controller functionality) but it looks the part.. the lights down the side are buttons which you can press to bring up other apps (eg I have configured for sonos and a few other things). It has a motion sensor and you can create a rule to turn the screen on motion.



There is a published version available of 5.4.2. PM if you want the link.

I have 5.4.2 running on Smartthings. What did you have to change to get it to run on Hubitat?

Here you go...

Thanx, all working nicely with modded 5.4.2 (slightly more lines of code than 5.3.3)


Can you send me the published version of 5.4.2 of SmartTiles? Thanks

Just an update that the dashboard and Rule Engine integration was released as part of Hubitat firmware 1.1.3. There's still some work to do to get the SharpTools Android app integrated, but it's on the list!

You can find more details here:


What tablet is that? And the wall mount? Thanks

Fire HD 10 with the Fire-Wall (aka. "Bob Mount")

Looks really nice, I have a fire 7 but it doesn't look close to that

Which mount are you using?

I got it from Konnected.

This is not the final location, I want to move it to a wall.

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Is the Facebook group the only way to see details and/or purchase the Bob Strenger mount?

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I just found out last night they are available via eBay too.

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