Fastest my hub has ever been

I have a ZStick (for excluding and C4/5 ghost removal) 2 UZB3s (1 for znffing, one for reasons ) and 2 UZB 7s.. which I have done exactly nothing with so far. I need help apparently.

Is this a who has the most dongles contest or something?

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Pfft... amateur :wink:


Hey.. I just said how many were attached.. That's not how many I own..


Oh so this is a "I have more dongles than you" contest? :rofl:

  • messing with ya as always
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Bryan has already won the epic "you know your addicted to.." thread..

So there is not much left...

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Crap... @bcopeland, it's back. The great disappearing Zwave mesh. C7,

Failing on motion lighting using a zwave switch, and on pico buttons using Zwave swtich. Hue, and Bond integrations/switches are all working fine.


Motion>light automation fail. Got home at ~4:31, logs from motion lighting app:

Log from Iris motion sensor:
Log from Zwave switch:

  • no log
    Events from Zwave switch device page - most recent even is hours ago, no events showing up for my arrival at 4:30 at all.

Example of failed motion lighting event in log:

More logs w/Zwave network busy messages:

Pico button>six different Zwave lights, fail.
Log of PIco buttons, buttons 3 and 4 Push, and 5 Held, are attached to Zwave lights.

None of the Zwave lights that buttons 3, 4, and 5 address have any logs on the log screen to match up w/the button presses. They are just completely absent from the logs, and their Event lists on their device pages are empty of any events for this time (3:40 - 3:45).

Every Zwave device shows as Unknown or Failed on the Zwave Details page. (Battery powered show as Failed, mains powered show as Unknown).

Is this related to what we were discussing earlier? My Ghost?

HALP! :slight_smile:

It's back. Appreciate any suggestions. Let me know if any other logs needed. Zwave has left me for Las Vegas.

So I upgraded to yesterday and the results looked promising, but as you can see over the past 24 hours the latency increased. Also those spikes were still there, even right after the upgrade.

Have you tried yet?

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I did not even know there was another released already, I will test it out.


If you're asking me, yes, since it was first released today. Updated my post to include C7 and info.

Naw.. I figured you already did that based on your comments.


was asking @raidflex

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Thanks, good for me to update my post w/that info anyway. I'm about ready to exclude everything and do a Z-wave radio reset. Really tired of things dying every late afternoon/evening. Family is starting to think I'm a raving lunatic.

No, wait, that's not new.



I'm very interested in your situation cause I've been thinking about making the jump to C7 - but I have like 150 devices, mixed Zigbee/Zwave (across 2 hubs). Think I will hold off a little longer but the temptation is strong.

Others seem to be doing OK, and maybe my problems are tied into that ghost device. I've removed and re-included six devices that were on either side of the mystery device, (three added before, and the three added after) and that hasn't helped me get rid of it

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What a reversal of roles:
This is was my zwave data on a C5:

This is the same device on my new C7:

So, why should performance be so much difference?
The new C7 is in exactly the same spot as the C5.
It's still just one hop away from the Hub (confirmed by PC Controller).
Why is the performance of the new C7 Hub on exactly the same device so much different?

Have you tried to use the PC COntroller program to get rid of those nodes?
I did, and had some success at that.

I don't have the UZB-7 yet, so I don't think I can do that yet.

I cannot find where to actually purchase the uzb-7 zwave USB stick on the Silabs site. I can find discussions, data sheets, etc., but can't find the UZB-7 USB stick. Can you point me to it?

Here's where I bought from: