Fastest my hub has ever been

Since updating yesterday, my Hub Watchdog results as well as my perception of the automations, is showing that my hubs are running faster than they ever have. I know some are having difficulty with the update, but once it is sorted out it may be worth the aggravation if you see the same improvement. Kudos to the staff that has been working hard to make this happen!


I read this and thought I would check my HW readings.
C7 hub. All devices connected to this hub.
Last, Minimum and Median all under 0.1.

C5 hub.
Last, Minimum and Median all under 0.05. This has all the rules.

Never been that fast either.
Brilliant and unexpected.


Yea it's the same for me all under .06 since the upgrade.


I don't know how to read logs or understand any of that. Bit of a noob for most of this. But my devices have a very quick response as well since the update. I still might be getting used to the speed of reaction over ST. But either way I had a good update experience and things are working smoothly.


Same here. Everything is more snappy. Responses are fast. Alexa even behaves with little delay. Sweet!


Same here, but I'm gonna give it a few days before coming to a final-ish judgement.

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Check out Hubitat Package Manager by @dman2306 and Hubitat Watchdog by @bptworld The Watchdog provides tests to devices that gives you a good idea of how your hub is performing. It's available through Hubitat Package Manager which is awesome too.


I have package manager but not watch dog, I'll check it out!

I set mine up with a virtual switch on each of my hubs. Since the nightly maintenance it has been much more consistently faster than prior to the update. 10 readings in is the first reading after the maintenance took place on Hub 2 (which has almost all of my rules, CoCoHue integration, HubConnect remote, and all of my 60+ Zigbee end-devices, 4 Samsung outlets, and 4 GE Zigbee dimmers) and 21 readings in on Hub 1 (with my 50 some odd Sylvania RGBW bulbs, 5 GE Zigbee dimmers, 20ish z-wave plus devices, dashboards, Alexa integration, Notifications, and a few RM4 rules and Simple Automations, and HubConnect server with 2 homebridge instances, a ST instance, and Hub 2 instance).

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I noticed that too. I have a Pico operating a GE dimmer in the garage, and it has like zero delay now. It wasn't bad before, but it is quicker after this update.

And I am not certain because I wasn't trying things all night, it seemed like the maintenance period didn't have a huge impact on performance like it used to. Usually the dogs go out between 2-3 and I had a slight (1-2 sec) delay from when motion sensor turned on the front hall light, but I didn't get that delay this morning.


I noticed that as well. I couldn't even tell a difference in responsiveness at that time.

There were definitely changes on the nightly backup side of things. You should notice your backups are likely smaller now (backing up fewer events=faster plus smaller).


Nope, almost twice as big!

Edit, see below. It dropped significantly, I just misread the size by a decimal place.

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That's.... Unexpected.

Mine went down by a factor of 5x. But I have few apps, so the events are a larger percentage of my backup than most people's.

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Sorry for the false alarm, it dropped by a whole number and I didn't catch that.

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Wow. What happened there.
One hub down from 27.5 meg to 4.5 meg.
The other from 23.5 to 4.
Must make sure I label my backups correctly now so I don't get them muddles up. :wink:


Mines reduced by 60% hub has only been in use for 2 weeks

It only backs up 100 events/attribute instead of 1000.

But technically that means you will lose some historical data (specifically 900 events per attribute) if you do a soft reset and restore.

A little factoid you won't find in the release notes. :wink:


I suppose this is why I'm seeing less impact in the 'maintenance window' with Hub Watchdog.
Quicker backup = less impact?????

That would be my guess.

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