Example Rules Section

Can we get a new section added to the forum where Example RM Rules can be posted?

I wasn’t very good with RM back in the day (on the dark side), been using WebCore for the past year now I’m trying to go back and could always use examples

Thanks, Rick


+1 on this. @bobbyD can this be setup or should someone just start their own thread?

@toy4rick just did exactly that by starting this thread.

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Here’s some existing rule examples from Bruce posted here:

Single vs. Multiple Conditions
Advanced Garage Fan Control

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Another example from Bruce:
Motion Lighting Rules

Below is a simple Turn On/Off lights with motion. The only reason I didn't do this with the Motion Lighting app was because I wanted to remove the default fade on my Lutron Caseta dimmer switch for the hallway.

This will delay the Off on Inactive for 30 seconds and cancel Off if motion is detected before the timeout.

This is a Motion Lighting Rule for my bathroom. The is a GE Zwave Plus switch that has the double tap features that are exposed as buttons.
2x tap top of paddle is button 1.
2x tap bottom paddle is button 2.

So double tapping the upper paddle will disable the light from turning off with inactivity...e.g. having a shower. Double tapping lower paddle re-enables auto on/off.

And there is no way to make a RM that needs.....

If device motion last 15 minutes then[True] turn this on else [False].....

So I'm still stuck at needing webcore because RM is limited.

Yes there is.

No it's not.

When motion is active, delay 15 minutes (cancel) and turn the switch on


  • Conditions
    -- Motion is active
  • Rule
    -- Motion is active
  • Actions when True
    -- Delay 15 minutes (Cancel)
    -- Turn on switch