RM Example: Use Google Assistant to run pool pump for 90 minutes (IFTTT/Cloud End Point)


I am posting this one mainly to show how to use IFTTT and the Hubitat Cloud End Point together.

What it does
When I do my weekly swimming pool service, I tell Google to "start pool service" . This runs the pool pump for 90 minutes so I can check for leaks and to disperse any chemicals I may have added or filter any dirt that I may have stirred up.

How it works
Google Assistant executes an IFTTT applet, which makes a web request to a Hubitat Cloud end point. This triggers a RM rule that turns on the pool pump, then does a delayed off.

This example is given with the assumption that you have a Google Home device (would be easy to substitute Echo/Alexa as well) and an active IFTTT account with the Google Assistant (or Alexa) and Webhooks channels activated.

Note: there are other ways to do this. I started with the native Google Home/Hubitat integration, where I told Google to turn on a virtual switch (with an auto off after 1 second). This triggered a RM rule that did the ON and delayed OFF. I switched to IFTTT so I could get rid of the extra virtual device and have some flexibility in the trigger words for GH.

Step 1: Set up the RM Trigger

  • Trigger Event: Cloud end point
    -- After you select Cloud End Point, you will see a link to the Cloud End Point URL. Right click and copy this link.
  • Actions
    -- On: Pool Pump
    -- Delayed Off: Pool Pump: 5400 seconds (delayed on/off only accepts seconds. 90 min * 60 sec/min = 5400 seconds)

Step 2: Set up the IFTTT applet

Example Rules Section

Question, is not easier to create a google routine that activates a virtual switch and this virtual switch is a trigger in RM? You are eliminating IFTTT.


From my first post:


Doh, I just replied not reading your note, sorry for that.


No worries. I also edited my post above to clarify the point of posting this one (to demo a way to use IFTTT and the Hubitat Cloud End Point together), as I think my actual use case is probably not a common one.


You have some crazy cool rules! IFTTT ROCKS man!! Their name spells it all out, which a lot of people don't even realize...IF This Then That...the basis of most programming logic. They were my HA before ST and now HE.