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This is the only tool for Z-Wave I have tested

There is another similar but you need to use a rPi with a custom software and a special USB stick or a special module from the same company that created the software.


Good luck.


did anyone see these on ebay? i just ordered one. its $15 for a used s2 pro and it says the guy has 500 of them!


Yes, the problem with it is it uses an special antenna connector and it will not give you the mesh map, it will repeat in your network but it will not map it.

I believe it could be easily modified to add an antenna like this one


oh it wont map?? i didnt know there were some that didnt map... although i guess thats ok since i already have one that maps so i could just use that one for mapping and this one for repeating only.
I have several old routers and wifi cameras that have a similar looking connectors (pictured below) for their antennas and i was planning on trying that. That will allow me to use a 2.4ghz wifi antenna and get even more range(if its the same connector).


Yes, that antenna works with the xbee.


When you say you can update both of them, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean you can change the settings for the device from the first? I thought the device had to be discovered by XCTU in order to change the device settings. Of course it will find the 2nd one in the map, just like every other zigbee device. But i was unaware that the serial console worked over zigbee as well.


This is the one I actually received. Different model #

Works great as a repeater and scanner! Used the 6.99 amazon usb board. All in for $22. Not bad.


Yep, that's exactly what I mean.

Setup both via PC first. Then you need one connected to PC and run XCTU. Once connected to #1, click the button to "Discover radio nodes in same network" circled in red. It might take a few minutes but eventually it should find #2. Then add it. It will shows up as a "remote module" as you can see above. Now the settings to the right...are the settings for #2.


did you ever figure this out? I have one doing this now.

as for zigbee/zwave I never understand I guess because zigbee is SO much faster/more reliable in my house than zwave. But I guess others have it differently.


I second the motion with zigbee being faster/reliable, at least at my house. Can't ever use z-wave for light automation, too slow, outside of a single aeon micro switch I have that is fast.
Anyway don't worry about the xbee finishing intializing, there isn't any driver or fingerprint, best you'll get is a generic "device" anyway. Just take the 16 & 64 bit address and manually add a device in HE, name it whatever. Even without completing intialization it still routes, like a champ !
You can also get the 64 bit address from XCTU and use that to create your generic device in HE


I reset and rebooted a thousand times and finally got it to work (route). I wasn’t systematic about it due to frustration so I won’t be able to much help in what I did to resolve.

Typically for me when the Xbee works, it generally works! I want to be clear, without Xbee my Xiaomi and other Zigbee devices would lose connection every few days. With Xbee, it would last about a month before something hiccups.

I have switched over to Z wave plus monoprice sensors for windows and doors and Zooz 4 in 1 motion sensors. I have gone down from 27 Zigbee devices to 7. The system now has been rock solid and have never lost a connection so far over 2 months.

I agree Zwave plus devices are slower than Zigbee and Xiaomi devices and I miss the compact size of the Xiaomi. But for my situation , zwave seems to make my HA much more reliable, and that is important to me. I am spending less time with HA now since I feel much more confident.

My situation may not be reflective of others, but I am leaning to only buying zwave moving forward.


I did not know you could do this!!! Mine would stick on initalizing but never add a device. Eventually it did. I rolled back the firmware to the 003...can't be sure that's what made it eventually show up as device. Wish i would have known the manual trick! next time.

I believe you 100%, that's the funny part to me. Every house seems different. Zigbee in my house is instantaneous and 100% reliable. Can't say the same for zwave. So clearly different houses = different RF patterns.


I have mostly Xiaomi sensors (for me they are solid) and a few of the monoprice 4in1 sensors. The 4in1 sensors eat batteries like crazy, and they are so slow to report motion.


Were you able to find what is wrong? I have same problem. 2 xbee's, one works just fine, second works for a few days , then just stops repeating.... Went through all settings, same for both...


Nope. Can get my xbee to repeat at all.


This is probably an XCTU question, but hopefully all the experience here will know something about using it. I have an Xbee on my mesh and connected to a computer with XCTU. My goal is to see the mesh, mostly to identify if my Xiaomi sensors are connecting to the Trådfri plug/repeaters I have co-located near them.

The XCTU diagram (or list) shows all the routers but only 3-5 of the 20 Zigbee end devices. My best guess is that the routers are all mains-powered so more visible. I've tried stimulating the battery sensors but that doesn't help. Is there a trick to getting the Xbee to see all the devices?


My guess would be it has something to do with the Xiaomi devices acting differently because my Xbee always maps everything on my network, even battery powered devices.


okay, I'm clearly being dumb. I see settings up top. I have my Xbee connected in XCTU. How the heck do I even pair the unit to my Zigbee network? I see a lot of configuration variables for my Xbee3 module, most of which aren't discussed.



Nevermind. Read first post, seems "clear".

Got it added. At least, mostly. I haven't been able to get it past the "Device Found" and "Initializing". But after the Zigbee discover ends up on the hub, it creates the device. And scanning the network seems to be working... I think. seems super slow. and it must just be watching traffic since it's not finding everything up front. just seems to be finding stuff as it talks.

How long do people let the network scan run?


I have the same problem, and have not been able to come to a solution. Let me know if you find one.

I still use it as a repeater though.