Nice tool, Z-Wave Toolbox

In a thread someone posted this tool:

Of course, I ordered one, and it's very nice.

I discovered where is connecting my door lock(device 88) and I had no idea the thermostat (Radio Thermostat, device38 non zwave plus) was a repeater!

I will fix this immediately.

The tool has many other nice tests, I'm running now the network health tester.



How are you going to fix that?

Getting rid of it, I don't use it anyway, it's like a secondary Thremostat, the primary is a Nest.

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This is really cool, but its a bit pricey.

Reading the manual, no need to go so extreme, with the C connected in the inclusion it makes the device to be a repeater, removing the C wire during inclusion it makes the device to be an end device.

Yes, a little but works really nice, I will use it with friends in ST and HE.

can it be used for updating firmware like a Zwave stick?

Nop, the only features I see different is the mapping (the circle, it has squares too like zensys), packet analyzer and the spectrum analyzer. It has wifi so you can connect directly to the tool from the smartphone.

This is something that I had on my Vera with the AltUI. So in theory, we most likely have this information already in Hubitat, it just needs to be presented. This is how it looks in AltUI:

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Yes, I hope HE will add some kind of tool like this.

Oooh, pretty graphic. Good for marketing!

Ohh I want one. Would have to see more necessity for day to day monitoring. Looks like something I would use once a year, not once a week.

Yes, and granted, it is not something I used a lot, but it was nice to see the relationships a few times a year or when adding new devices. I guess that is the reason that some buy Xbee for Zigbee.

I discovered that after you add a z wave device, even at its the final location, a z wave repair most be done. The last 2 devices I installed were 2 Qubino dual relays and both only had 2 routes, after the repair they got multiple routes. I thought pairing in its final location was enough.

By the way, this tool is based on the hardware of the Vera hub, not the plus model.

Interesting. Now that you mention it, it looks a lot like my old Edge. I wonder if I could actually use my old Vera for this purpose ? I would have thought I needed to have the devices connected to the controller running the software.

I will have to check this out.

Maybe, problably flasing the software, the link its available in the tool firmware update guide. :wink:

Yes and that's a $20 solution(and acts as an amazing repeater)...even on sale this is a $150 solution....nice...but... for $50 I'd bite