ERIA Wireless ZigBee DImmer

I just saw that this product was released (not sure how long it's been out), the ArduroSmart ERIA Smart Dimming Switch. It's battery-powered, wireless, works over ZigBee, and appear similar to the Hue dimmer but is able to fit into standard decorator wall plate:

For people without a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, this could be a good, albeit slightly uglier, alternative to Pico or the discontinued Connected remotes if it works well with Hubitat. It says it's ZigBee 3.0, so hopefully it would be possible to pair like an HA 1.2 device. It is, of course, also an alternative to the Hue Dimmer remotes, though the Hue Dimmer is larger and doesn't fit in a decorator plate (not sure this one officially does either but it's the same size; you just might have to rig your own mounting solution). Unlike the Hue Dimmer, however, I doubt it's actually configurable in the Hue app in case you're using it on the Hue ZigBee network--I'm still waiting for the new Friends of Hue DImmers that were announced for various manufacturers earlier this fall, but this doesn't seem to be one of them, which I assume would get official support in the app.

If nothing else, like the IKEA remotes, they can be also joined to the bulb's network (if not Hubitat) to control the bulbs directly (Hue remotes technially do this too but have to be configured via the Hue Bridge; I think it is implied that these have a way to configure this from the remote itself like the IKEA ones do).

Just curious if anyone has tried one. At a $20 USD list price, it's a tempting price--cheaper than the Hue Dimmer and just a bit more than a Pico without the need for the Bridge--but I'm not sure I need any more remotes, having a herd of Hue Dimmers, Hue Taps, and Pico remotes already. :laughing:


Thank you for sharing this. As someone who doesn’t have switches or remotes yet, it is nice to have more options.

I am leaning toward a Lutron set up because the wife already said she sort of is ok with them just by tricking her into messing with them at Home Depot.

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The Lutron Pico remotes (or wired switches and dimmers) are nice since they're very intuitive for anyone to use, something matched only by the Hue Dimmer and this new product as far as I can tell. (You can train someone on how to use another button device, but not many actually look like switches and dimmers people are used to, and only these two fit into standard US decorator plates.) The protocol and frequency they use is also very reliable, having a long range and fast response time, even used via the bridge on Hubitat, and not being subject to interference from many other common devices in the US like 2.4 GHz WiFI networks and whatnot.

I'll reiterate that Hubitat does not currently support the dimmer I posted above, but the specs say they use ZigBee 3.0, so it should at least pair as a device to Hubitat (falling back to ZHA 1.2). Whether any stock driver works with it at all is a different question, but hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to add. And again, they can likely be paired directly to a ZLL bulb if I'm interpreting the marketing literature correctly.

I actually have one of these and it did pair as a device (or alternatively works as a Zigbee LL device). Any information that I could provide that might let someone explore if it could be configured as a dimmer on Hubitat?

Does it work to any extent with any existing button driver? Something like the Osram/Sylvania Lightify Dimmer, Iris Fob, Philips Hue Dimmer (probably the best bet), or other ZigBee buttons? That might be a clue as to how easily they could modify an existing driver to support it,..or if anyone has made a community DTH on another platform. :slight_smile:

I ordered one of these and it arrived this weekend. With some effort, it was able to pair as a device. I tried the Hue Dimmer driver with limited success, but one of the buttons at least seemed to register correctly. I don't have a Zigbee sniffer (nor am I qualified to use one), but by modifying an existing button driver and looking at the descriptions sent when buttons are pressed, I was able to come up with the following that at least registers a push on all of the buttons, 1-4:

[removed code, lest anyone try to use to be added in hub firmware 2.0.7 and later]

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Tagging @mike.maxwell as he now has one of these to test with.

There was another thread that covers these and I gave Mike the fingerprint but he said there were going to be issues with them.

there MAY be issues, I won't know until I get to pairing the thing...

Correct, you said MAY, my bad.

The manual mentions either a Touch Link pairing or a Zigbee 3.0 hub pairing, so I'm guessing the issue is whether they only supported the former? I got it to pair to Hubitat via the second method, though the first time it got stuck on "Initializing" and I was worried. Not sure what I did differently the second time. :slight_smile:

I've had no trouble with the HE (hub) pairing: I reset using a simultaneous push of the two middle (arrow) buttons until the green LED flashes, followed by invoking pairing mode by holding down the off (circle) button until it blinks 3 times. I invoke pairing mode while HE is searching for new devices.

By the way, thanks for the initial code! Is there a particular reason you commented out the "Pushable Button" capability (or is that related to the thread titled "Hubitat's button implementation")? I can confirm that using the driver does register button pushes. But, the dimmer does not appear as an option in the Button Controllers app.

Mike got these working. He just sent me a message with:

OK, bulb works I added the fingerprint to the generic zigbee bulb driver.
The dimmer switch also works, the driver for that will be in 2.0.7

More details are in this thread if anyone searches and comes across this one first.

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Cool. Thank you!

Thank Mike, he did all the work, I just sent him the devices. :yum:

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I installed one of these and it is using the built-in driver from HE. I put a tile into the dashboard for the battery hoping that when you press any of the buttons that it would report the battery.

Unfortunately it is only showing ??% in the tile for the battery level. Will this device show the battery? There is only one application in the Data area on the device page of 06.

I saw this in the zigbee logs.
LRN ERIA Remote2019-07-01 21:01:45.903 profileId:0x104, clusterId:0xfccc, sourceEndpoint:1, destinationEndpoint:1 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-64

what battery level does it show in the driver?

@mike.maxwell The driver page does not show a battery level at all.

yeah, remembering now, these can't report battery levels.

I have three of them. I'm very happy with them as they behave very well with my system. Every once in a while, I get a flashing light and delayed reaction which is fixed by resetting the fixture's dimmer. I think it is due to power glitches. overall though, they are miles ahead of the Sylvania Lightify ones I tried.

Dang, another one we won't know the battery is low until it's dead.