Email notification?

So is there any options to have email notification instead of pushover, and text messages, etc?


webCoRE can send emails from pistons. Rule Engine supports email notifications.

I wrote 2 - one needs an external server like an RPi and a serverless and insecure one.

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I'm using the first with the man-in-the-middle RPi solution. Works wonderfully. I even use it send texts by emailing

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I would like to make a formal request for Hubitat to house a complete email server, with a secure device driver, etc. If the official direction is no SMS text support, then at least compensate us by providing email support (which would indirectly allow us to send SMS messages via a carrier's email to sms gateway).
May we have an official answer to this feature request? Can it be put on the list?


I agree. I think we should have an option to do exactly this.

I'm assuming you mean no free text support

What do you think about a driver for mailgun? Similar to twilio you would have to put in your own credentials but they provide 10,000 emails per month for free.

It is not on the list of things to do. I can add it, but I have no idea when/if that would be done.


If that is a possibility then that would be a great one!

For security reasons I hope nobody wants that at home. And also to keep the world from even more spam email.


I took a quick look at mailgun.
Looks great!
I hope that it's not a big deal to make a driver for it.
(I have no idea about the length of time it would take to create such a driver, but it doesn't seem like a big deal!)

May I also ask for an opinion on mailgun from the community?
@erktrek : I know that you wrote a mailserver interface on a RPI. Wouldn't a REST interface to mailgun be a better (more secure, easier to use) approach?
Would there be any security issues?

@erktrek I haven't looked at either of your drivers' code, but would it not be possible to add the support as proposed by @chuck.schwer. With mailgun support, there wouldn't be a need for a local server???

Nope, :slight_smile:


Ohhhhhhh... This looks nice.

Indeed, it looks very nice.
Not to be greedy about it, but I assume that I could just set this device, to the notification that I wanted, in a Rule Machine action? Or, would it be part of the Notification part?
Or, is that a question for Bruce?

It is a standard notification device so you can use it anywhere you would use twilio or our mobile app device or any other device that supports Notification


...It would be a great addition to the product...
(and so easy to implement!)

Awesome! Hoping you can push something out soon. :slight_smile:

And where would one find this driver?

I just signed up for a mailgun account last weekend and was starting to work on a driver for it. (Glad I only spent half a day on it.) It seems like a great solution. It looks really simple to pass the needed information back to Mailgun to get an email message to be sent. The only limitation with mailgun has to do with the confirmation emails.

For those that don't know, mailgun requires that every address you send to be confirmed and on a list for the free account. That email is sent in HTML format. This prevents you from using the mailgun free solution for email to text. For example, if you wanted to send a text to your versizon number 212-555-1234, you would email You can't do that with the mailgun free account because you can't confirm your email address because the confirmation email in in HTML format. I've not been able to find a place to set confirmations to go out in plain text.

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