Phasing out SMS, Please add email

It is relatively straight forward to use your email to send an SMS message to a phone. This is free and not that hard to setup. Since Hubitat is phasing out SMS it would be nice if you would allow for email, the user would then decide (in their email account) what phones get the email as an SMS message.

I understand why you are phasing out SMS, with the Hubitat app it is now easy to receive notifications on your phone through the app. Since many of the notifications I have set up are critical (i.e. house is flooding, house is being burglarized, house is on fire, etc...) it would be nice to have some redundancy in how I receive these notifications.

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Have you seen this integration from Eric H. (@erktrek)? It does need to be setup on a computer running Linux (an RPi will suffice), but works really well and I use it for all of my notifications.

I recommend it - its very configurable and reliable.

There is also this integration from @erktrek that might be simpler to setup:

Yes, I read a bit about that integration on another thread, but I have some concerns.

  1. If Hubitat is going to be for the average person, that type of integration is too technical. (I am actually typing this on a computer running Linux, so maybe I will look into it). But thanks for the head's up :slightly_smiling_face:
  2. It is not just US Cell providers that have email to text, Canadian ones have it as well. I imagine it is likely that this is the way in many other countries, therefore an email integration would allow for users in any country to send unlimited free SMS messages to their phone.
  3. If the staff of Hubitat read this thread, I hope they understand that posts from many of the power users (that often post very technical solutions) does not help in adoption of Hubitat. The forums are touted as a place for new users to get help. If I showed the post on integrating an email solution into Hubitat to 98% of the people I know, they would stay as far away from the product as possible. This does not mean that I don't appreciate the technical posts and I like the fact that people who are extremely literate in computers have a forum to discuss solutions. The problem with many (or possibly just a few) of these users is they post their very technical solutions (or link to a technical solution) and then when you don't have the technical skill to implement it you feel like your not "smart" enough to use the product. The solution to this is to have a Hubitat email app that is fairly straightforward to use like the other apps.

Having said this, thanks for the links above it is appreciated. (My point number 3 was not meant to reference any replies to this thread, it is more of the general impression I have after being on this forum for close to a year)

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@Stephan.J, you may find this thread interesting.

I am not sure if official mailgun support is coming or not, but it looks like a much simpler solution that requires no RPi running a server. Perhaps @chuck.schwer will chime in to let us know if this is something on the list of upcoming feature enhancements or not? :thinking:

Hubitat currently supports Push Notifications via the Hubitat Mobile App and via Pushover. Hubitat also supports SMS text messaging via Twilio. Just making sure you’re aware of some other officially supported options.

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Generally agree with your perspective with a caveat. For the average user, Hubitat does support 2 mechanisms to receive notifications on a phone (the Hubitat app and Pushover). And as @ogiewon indicated, the average user can also opt to purchase SMS notifications via Twilio.

Do give @erktrek's sendmail integration a shot. It's really good, and off course supports email to SMS anywhere in the world.

I don’t understand why simple SMTP from my own email account would be so hard? Gmail supports it. If your ISP blocks it, it’s because they want you to use the one they provide.


Integrating SMTP into Hubitat is still a great idea even if your ISP blocks gmail SMTP. Simply use your ISP's SMTP which they don't block.

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I agree with adding SMTP. It does need to be more simple then setting up your own outside box (computer) to relay from HE to the outside world as others have stated some workarounds. If its free its for me so I don't want to pay extra so I can get my alerts...I mean really shouldn't a mobile alert system be included? Sure I could set up a PI with NODE RED and make it happen but lets just get the integration in HE.


It is included in the form of Push Notifications via the Hubitat Mobile App.

You can also use Pushover (just a $5 one time fee per mobile phone platform.)

You can also use Twilio (not free, but very reasonably priced.)

I personally have been using Pushover for well over a year and find it very reliable and capable.


There's also a Slack integration running around the community as well that I use in addition to Pushover as Slack has a better desktop client (and it's also free).

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I have an automation that when the smoke detectors go off, turn on all the lights, flash the front exterior lights, unlock the front doors, turn off the furnace so that smoke isn't circulated and the cherry on the sundae would be to let our neighbors know. This would ideally be done through sms but I would settle for a simple way to setup an email being sent to them as well.

Hello this is my first post and I am new to Hubitat. I absolutely love this controller over both my Wink and SmartThings experiences.

I see this thread is from 2019. Is there still no built-in SMTP option in Hubitat? This is really hard for me to believe. This should be such a simple implementation and I don't see how Hubitat "local processing" holds true when it is dependent on third party/cloud services for notifications.

I would also love to see this feature in a future software release.

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I wouldn't hold my breath, it does not appear to be something that HE has prioritized at all. Unless you are setting up your own email server you would still be relying on a third party/cloud service. And any type of notification requires an Internet connection. But yes, it still would be a nice feature.


Yeah but it's a 3rd party service that I am already using which doesn't require me to go out and register another account, setup a new password, link the account, blah, blah, blah... :yum:

Fingers crossed for a future implementation :pray:

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Fair, but I think the point was you said "I don't see how Hubitat 'local processing' holds true when it is dependent on third party/cloud services for notifications" -- but you're actually asking them to add another third party/cloud service dependency for notifications.

I don't have any objection to email support, but I wonder how popular it would actually be. I thought about using it for a few things in the past, like a report on my battery sensors but I realized I'd never read that. I'm just wondering how much value it adds over push.



Very true. That being said, I use email, along with my provider's email2sms gateway, for all my notifications from Hubitat.

FWIW, there are several community email integrations available, including these two:

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