Email notification?

You can sign up for the paid account and still send less that 10K emails a month and your monthly bill will be $0


I didn't notice that! I thought there was a flat monthly fee for the paid account. Anytime someone asks for my credit card I get nervous. :wink:
I will upgrade my account and try it out. If you need any help testing the driver, I already have my mailgun account set up so I can definitely help with that.

UPDATE: FYI, for anyone who is worried about your account getting hacked and sending out a bunch of spam and charging you for it, there is a hard limit you can put on your account to prevent that. I set it for 1000. So, my account can't send more than 1000 messages a month. That way I'll never get charged.

Update2: Evidently the authorized user restriction is applied to all sandbox domains. So, you would have to have your own owned domain in order to send email to any address you want. Without that you can only send email to 5 authorized users.

I'd love to beta test too!

I'm interested too - there is still a value in asynchronous notifications!!


Did you ever get anywhere in regards to the driver for mailgun?

No, I'm using this solution instead.

Hi @chuck.schwer, how is it going with the Mailgun driver? I’m still v interested in an email solution.

I do have Twilio up and running and it works as documented. The downside is that it is phone / SMS based. So if we are on holiday then roaming charges can get expensive, even for receive. An email solution would work worldwide at practically zero cost.

Many thanks in advance for your help


Hello @r1k.
I, a Linux Newbie, got the following email/sms server to work.
If you happen to have a Raspberry Pi, you're in business.
Thanks to: @erktrek and @aaiyar.


I second @jtmpush18's recommendation of @erktrek's sendmail integration. I've used it to get SMS notifications for 7-8 months. Incredibly useful and robust.

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I also have a non-pi version if you want to try it.. uses telnet so not very secure but if only going to your isp or local mail server should be okay. The separate server version is more flexible though.

Coming soon to a website near you....

I have created a driver which my members will be able to use to send emails directly from their hub
This uses one of my servers to send emails.
No restrictions, no cost.
This works as a ‘notification’ device so can be used with RM or any app that uses ‘deviceNotification’




I assume there’s no way to use gmail instead of your own server?

Not currently no.

Are you concerned about the security of going through my server?


Thanks @jtmpush18, @aaiyar and @erktrek. I do have an old Raspberry Pi model B and I did try to set it up with Sendmail. Unsuccessfully. I never got it to work, not even slightly and I eventually abandoned it. I have researched on other forums, such as on and seen other Sendmail horror stories. So I’m not keen to spend much time going down that road again.

I used to run OpenHAB on a Pi, which worked quite well. It could send email notifications which I could receive anywhere. That is what I would like with Hubitat. Much of the ‘USA and Canada” options aren’t available here in Europe and will likely never be. So sending a simple, old-fashioned email would be of great advantage to us non-US users.

Appreciate your work. Looking forward to trying it out.

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I like this idea, but I wonder if it could be done using curl (either directly on the Hubitat--that would be nice--or through telnet). I ran a test and the desired curl command would be like:

echo 'To:
Subject: Hubitat notification
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf8"
Test message from HE' | curl --url '' --ssl-reqd --mail-from '' --mail-rcpt '' --upload-file "-" --user 'username:password'

curl takes STDIN when --upload-file is set to "-" so I used echo with multi-line content.

Nicely, curl will use SSL/TLS :smile: which is what I want to do. No way I'll send mail over un-encrypted SMTP. In my case, PLAIN authentication works fine. I'd imagine that Google's SMTP server would make authentication a bit trickier. I don't use Google's mail for much, I don't want them reading my email.

I'm thinking about trying to hack HEMail to use curl for sending mail with SSL/TLS, but I'm wary, since I have zero experience with Groovy. Any help would be great!

I wanted to mention: maybe I would hack Hubitat-DoNS rather than HEmail... Really I'd like to use curl on the Hubitat if it can be done, but my NAS device can run the command if it has to be done elsewhere through telnet.

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The email driver is now available to all members so you can email directly from your hub
It’s free and so is the email service.




I'll check it out!

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