Mailgun Interface

I would like to request that someone develop an interface to the API.
Mailgun will allow Hubitat users to send 10,000 free email a month.

Description of mailgun:
" Mailgun is a developer-focused email delivery platform that empowers companies to send, receive, and track transactional and marketing emails through an API. ... "
From a recent review of Mailgun:

"Best SMTP/API mail integration solutions"

](Mailgun Review - Best SMTP/API mail integration solutions by Minh N. August 09, 2019)

What do you like best?

The most thing I like Mailgun is they provided 10.000 free emails/month. I used Mailgun for all of my WooCommerce websites. Mailgun is easy to install into my sites (just install plugin and verify). Absolutely love the detailed mail logs: delivered, opened, failed, clicked, unsubscribed and many others statistics. I can also see the email history, preview. Very useful!

I used Mailgun for around 2 years now, they made many of changes include interface and features to improve their service. They just updated the user interface last month and I really loved the new one.

They're currently implementing the Inbox Placement feature. This is a very useful feature, allows me to monitor how inbox providers categorize your emails once they receive them.

What do you dislike?

Some of my emails sending to domain like, were failed. Although I use the free plan but after sending the support ticket, they help me to add dedicated ip server and everything works fine.

Another thing I don't like is about the log, I can only see the email log for the last 30 days. I wish I can see the log for 90 days or more.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Although I am using the free plan, it still meets all the needs of my ecommerce websites. The detailed email logs is very useful and the support team is listenning and help you in any cases. I recommend Mailgun for any websites that need to send emails to their customers.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I use Mailgun to send transactional emails for our Ecommerce websites (woocommerce). The speed of sending is really good and the detailed logging help me a lot. I can check for failed emails and correct them easily.

Also see the following:

I think an SMTP send email feature would be more useful. You could still use mailgun, but also every other email service developed over the last 30 years! Why lock people into one provider?


@erktrek has provided this email integration that uses sendmail/node on an RPi (or any other *nix that can run sendmail and node).

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The advantage of a mailgun interface is that it can be integrated directly from HE without any other device/interface. Why use a RPI when you don't have to? Why not issue an email exactly when you need to, directly from Rule Machine.

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