Ecowitt Gateway Error

Any idea why I might be getting this error in the log every minute or so?

[dev:388] ( 01:18:31.802 PM errorException in timeUtcToLocal(): java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "2023-09-02+17%3A18%3A31"

Here's a screen shot of the Gateway Status

Obviously there is an issue with the time stamp. Is this fixable?

Probably better to post this question in the project thread for the Ecowitt-supporting driver you are using (there is more than one). I think you might be using this one.

The first and foremost thing is usually to make sure you are using the latest version of the driver. From the github for that particular driver it looks like the latest version is 1.34.07, so if that matches up with the driver version you have listed in your screenshot, yours is a bit old. So this might have been fixed since that version.


Thanks for spotting this @snell , I had somehow missed it.

Looking at the version you are running @rob17 , it looks like you are running the final version of the Ecowitt driver that Mirco produced. I took over the drivers in August 2021:

There are some notes on the post below explaining how best to transition onto the current drivers from an existing installation. I would recommend upgrading. I'd have to check back through the changes I made to the code, but there was one in Dec '21 where I replaced the time attribute with a lastUpdate attribute, which may have been done in such as a way to address the error you are seeing, but I can't be 100% sure about that without some more investigation.

If you would prefer to keep using Mirco's version of the drivers, that's fine. I would expect you could just comment out the line where the time is being set, but again, I would need to look at the code to determine what the impact may be if you do that.

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Also, like @snell mentioned, if you have any other questions, even if you don't use my version of the drivers, feel free to post any questions on the topic I linked above.


Guys, I really appreciate the feedback and apologize for not posting in the correct thread. I'll update the driver and let you know. Thanks!

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No need to apologize. Glad I noticed it (I try to check all new topics titles to see if it is something I know anything about, but I probably miss more than I catch) and hopefully it works out!

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Updated drivers worked like a charm. I really appreciate all your efforts.

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@sburke781 Do these drivers negate the need for an Ecowitt hub? I am looking at the Wittboy weather station but if I don't need the hub I'd rather avoid the expense. (I have a C8 HE)

If the weather station can act as it's own gateway, ie: supports providing local data (sending data to a custom URL) then pretty much any Ecowitt driver can receive it now and you would not need a separate hub/gateway. @sburke781's driver certainly can handle that.

If you have the Wittboy weather station, then you have the GW2000 - which works as a hub that is compatible with this integration.

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Depends technically no. The ws90 which is the wittboy can be bought without the gw2000 and works fine with older gateways i have mine hooked up to a gw1100.

Much cheaper that way.

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Like others have explained, you do actually need an EcoWitt Gateway device to integrate the Wittboy weather station and any other EcoWitt sensors. As @kahn-hubitat explained, it doesn't have to be the GW2000 which you can purchase with the Wittboy, if you have an older Gateway you may be able to use it, but I would first confirm the compatibility with EcoWitt before purchasing the Wittboy weather station, at least if it is not the GW1100 @kahn-hubitat is using.

To explain it a little further... From what I have seen and heard, my understanding is that each of the sensors, including the weather stations, all communicate back to a Gateway using Radio Frequency (RF), which I assume was chosen for reliability, range, cost and the ability to centralise the communication of data to various destinations.

The gateway's take two main flavours, they can be a "hub"-style, simply receiving the sensor readings and passing on the data to places like the EcoWitt web site, Weather Underground and a custom destination, which we use to send the data to HE. The second flavour of Gateway can be a display, much like a small tablet from what I have seen. These displays perform the same function as a hub, but also display a small dashboard much like the dashboard you can access on the EcoWitt web site.

As you may have already noticed, the RF frequency used between sensors and the gateway will vary depending on your region, so make sure you purchase the correct devices for your location.


Thanks for the clarification. I have the two-part kit arriving today.

I've run into some items that insist a propriety hub was required only to find out it really wasn't with the proper drive on ST or HE. I like to keep things simple, so not having individual hubs for devices is a logical step.

Have a great day and thanks for creating this driver.

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