Echo Speaks Local Network Logon/Cookie Authorization Server to replace Heroku

If you use the Echo Speaks smart application in Hubitat Elevation to drive your Alexa devices for customized speech, be aware that the Heroku cloud application server will begin charging per month for their service on November 28th. Echo Speaks uses a Heroku routine in order to maintain a valid login cookie to the Alexa service.

I have developed a tutorial on my Notes server that shows two ways to install Tony Fleisher's (Echo Speaks author) local echo speaks login/cookie authorization server to replace using Heroku.

Here's my link:

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This is a step forward, but what about us non-Linux types?

Tom, that's why you have folks like me to help. Honestly when it comes to adding lean and low cost local network automation, Linux is going to be a standard requirement. Start with Something like a Minis Forum UM350 for $279 which comes with 16GB of memory and a 500GB NVMe. Ubuntu server on it can host 20 or more LXD container instances easily. That's like having 20 servers! Windows owns the desktop and Linux owns the backend servers.


I wonder if I can load linux on here... :stuck_out_tongue:


Get docker for windows


I think I see a couple blank plates in there. Otherwise, to paraphrase the immortal words of Roy Schneider, "we're gonna need a bigger rack."

Yeah I have about 8u worth of space. Though moving my firewall into it which will take 3 (I have a 1u blank)

While Tony Fleisher is an outstanding programmer and has made significant contributions to the community, the author of Echo Speaks is Anthony Santilli (@tonesto7) with code contributions by @nh.schottfam.


I am 66 years old and failed miserably trying to learn BASIC. My brain just can’t understand programming. I barely squeak by with rudimentary Hubitat rules.

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I am right there with you on age. Let me offer this, I will be happy to get online with you and guide you through any setup issues you are having difficulties with. I'm a systems guy and not a programmer.

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Wow, I had no idea. Two Tony's. I've used Echo Speaks since the beginning. Thanks for the informative info.

8u of space? I am super jealous. Yeah, I am gonna need a bigger rack.

I wish I had a basement to place a HUGE rack....grrrr

That's a 24u rack


I do appreciate the offer. Having Echo Speaks functional is not a priority.

2 Options. Grab a google nest mini. Easy setup if you only need one. Or grab a siren. A lot of them can play MP3 Files. So you record the file, put it on the hub and when lets say a window is open, it plays a specific MP3 file you created.

Any tips on getting the cookie working? All setup OK on my Raspberry Pi, Server deployed and callback put in.

When I Login to Amazon, I get the 'cookie success' page but when it goes back to the server page after 5 seconds it still says login to Amazon. Any tips?

EDIT: Restarted the image, tried again and all is good.

That magical restart is the trick. Glad it works.

Im getting this too - however, restarting the container and C7 haven't made a difference.

@vmsman any ideas mate? I've blown away my docker container, and rebuilt it + upgraded Docker and Portainer and I'm still seeing this issue.

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