[DRIVER] Universal Z-Wave Drivers (Switch/Dimmer)

Package of Universal Z-Wave Drivers with the goal of probing the device for all features and options possible and presenting that to you for configuration.

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This should work on ALL 800 series devices, and many 700 series.

Current Package Version: v0.4.0 - 2024-07-16

:white_check_mark: Confirmed Working Devices:
:point_right: Should work on ALL 800 series devices, and many 700 series. Let me know about any devices that work and I can add them to the list!

  • Universal Switch for on/off switches
  • Universal Dimmer

:ballot_box_with_check: Features List:

  • Probe for all configuration variables available with designated defaults
  • Detect Associations supported by device and preset for configuration
  • Detect Scene (button) supported by device and capture events
  • Supervision Support (experimental) - for outbound set/remove commands

:ballot_box_with_check: To-Do List:

  • Probe for and support for Multichannel devices

:lady_beetle: Reporting Issues :beetle:
Please use GitHub to report any issues so each one can have its own conversation and tracking. Please provide as much info as you can including model, firmware and the "configVals" data string. Issues ยท jtp10181/Hubitat ยท GitHub

Must PRESS CONFIGURE BUTTON and check all your settings after changing to this driver.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Find on Hubitat Package Manager (HPM):
Package Name: :small_blue_diamond: Universal Z-Wave Drivers :small_blue_diamond:
HPM Install Docs: HPM Documentation

:eight_spoked_asterisk: OR Manual Download from GitHub
Full Repository Link: Hubitat/Drivers/universal at main ยท jtp10181/Hubitat ยท GitHub
[universal-zwave-switch] [universal-zwave-dimmer]

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After switching to this driver, run the Configure command. This will scan for settings, associations, and other info the driver needs, as well as sync up all the settings.
Watch the Current States for progress info.

You can also use Query Device to run the Parameters or Associations scans again.
Watch the Current States for progress info.

Needs Testing

Please enable the supervision option and see if you encounter any issues.
It may also work without security, depends on he device.

Works great so far on the Leviton ZW6HD!

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Tested on a Leviton ZW4SF fan speed controller and it works !

Interesting, the driver does not have the proper fan capabilities though.
Is that device in need of a proper driver or were you just trying it out?
Not sure if missing those capabilities is going to cause you any issues or not, depends on your use case I think.

Dumb question .. Is this for ONLY Leviton switches ?
I have a few Jasco Products / switches .. Just wondering. Thanks.

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It should work on any brand switch/dimmer that supports the Config Command Class v3 or higher. Many 700 series devices should, and I think all 800 devices will support it.

When you go to scan for the settings the driver will first check the CC version and tell you if it is not supported on the side under Current States.

Just for an example, the older Zooz ZEN2x devices do not support it (500 series) but the newer ZEN7x (700/800) do support it.

Also I do not have scene/button support yet but plan to add that at some point.

Tried it w/a Jasco 500, no dice, query not supported as expected.

Tried it w/a Jasco 700, working w/out issue as far as I can tell. Turned lights on/off repeatedly, no issues. Then enabled Supervised Commands (device is joined w/out security) and continued to work normally.

I'll let it ride to confirm no issues w/automation (simple motion active=on, motion inactive 1m=off automation). We're in and out of that room a lot, so if there are issues I should trigger things enought to run into them.

Nice work! If you can add the multi-button option that Jason has w/his Jasco/GE/UltraPro/Ultrabright drivers, that would be a nice/useful addition.

Forgot to mention, I didn't clear states, etc., before applying your driver, so there are button states, etc., still there that are from Jason's driver.

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Hello Jeff.
I was just trying it out.
These are the fan speed controllers that keep randomly locking up and I wanted to see if there was some hidden parameter that MIGHT affect the operation of the control.
Didn't find anything unusual so reverted back to the driver I was using, but your driver might come in handy in the future.
Thank you for your efforts!
Really appreciate all you do!

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Ok got it, I am also working on updating my "Scanner" tool as well which is a non-device-specific tool that has the same parameter scanner in it, along with a bunch of other tools. Sort of like the non-basic version of the basic z-wave tool. Once that is updated and published, that's what you could use for other devices that I don't have drivers for yet.

I do plan on expanding this to other devices like power metering plugs, possibly locks, etc... anything that I see demand for. I have a lock driver in the works.


WOW!! You are a busy boy!!!
I really like your drivers and applications that you have created!
SO many USEFUL features that are hidden or not available in the stock drivers.
Thank you again for all your work!

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What are thoughts if it is added to the current switch/dimmer and the device does not support it (Leviton for example)? You would have all the command buttons for virtual button presses but the device would never be able to trigger them. I think this is the way I want to go and if someone was really bothered by it they could just comment out the capabilities.

What about when more that 2x taps is supported, add additional button numbers so it is compatible with the BC app, like how have done on Zooz drivers, or add extra attributes (current states) like "pushed3x"?? The drawback of adding extra button numbers is then the "numberOfButtons" state will be higher than the actual number of real buttons.

Lots of good points - I was thinking that your scanner could be extended to ID which switches support buttons/how many buttons. Sounds like that is something that is only easy/possible in my mind. :wink:

Does get confusing the way you describe things might actually be. Sounds like someone could go into Button Controller and see buttons available there that aren't really supported and that's a recipe for lots of problems/confusion w/"Button Controller doesn't work!" and/or "my switch isn't working" posts.... Doesn't sound like a great idea in that context.

I can, I was working on that earlier. There is a z-wave command to ask the device what it supports. No response could be assumed as no support at all.

I think if I set numberOfButtons to 0, it will prevent it from showing anything available in apps.

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This has been running on the GE dimmer since you released your driver, zero issues, I wouldn't even know the driver had changed... Nice work.

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Added to HPM as Universal Z-Wave Drivers
If you have them manually installed already run a Match Up in HPM, then update.
Bumped to 0.4.0 to match the scanner tool also in the package.

Run CONFIGURE after updating to take advantage of new features.

Version [0.4.0] - 2024-07-16

  • Added full associations detection and support
  • Added scene/button detection and support
  • Configure will run any scans that are missing

Hey Jeff,

Does this work with the older plus devices that require a refresh like what we setup a while back? Can/could/should I exchange those for this?

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No it does not send a refresh, this does not support metering either.
I am going to add a universal plug/outlet driver eventually, based off the Zooz package, I will be sure to include that refresh option.


Very cool... Thank you :slight_smile:

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