Driver code for Schlage Connect

I apologize in advance but I know absolutely nothing about this stuff. So I have two Schlage Connect locks (BE468/BE469 Lock). One worked great for the first couple weeks. I had a simple rule set up that automatically locked the lock 10 min after being unlocked. Now it doesn't work and I'm getting a error 500. I emailed Hubitat support and they said Schlage is no longer on their list of compatible devices. However, there are "drivers" specific to Schlage models to make them work.

I'd assume a driver is some sort of code. What I can't figure out is where to find this driver and how to apply it. I searched endlessly and I can't figure this out. Please help. Thanks!

The driver is built-in, so you do not need to add it. You can select this driver for your device using the "Type:" dropdown on the device page, and you can type in the box to search/filter to make it easier to find if you want:

Screenshot: device page with 'Type' dropdown

Note that after changing drivers, it's usually a good idea to hit "Configure," so I'd do that after you hit "Save Device" as well. (You won't see anything happen except maybe in the logs if you do this, and not all devices have this command/button visible, but unless you know of a reason not to, it's again normally a good idea.)

That being said, a driver shouldn't cause that problem with Simple Automation Rules, so this seems unlikely to fix it to me. You may want to re-create the rule to see if that gets rid of the problem (which isn't clear to me--where does the "Error 500" occur?).

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If you go to the Devices tab, and select these locks, there is a page that comes up where you can configure the device type, change the name and so on (the settings page).

On that page, there are some buttons where you can try the lock. Can you successfully unlock and lock from there? Does the current states (upper right) follow the lock and unlock?

I also circled where to change the driver (device type) on the right lower part of the screenshot.

If it works from there, that rules out the lock itself or the driver being the problem for the most part. From there, I would guess it is whatever app you are using (you didn't specify what one) is having issues.

Start with what @neonturbo said. One of the other issues is with these locks you should use beaming repeaters (put one as close to the lock as you can). Also check your z-wave status page for ghosts... If you had a failed pairing with these locks at any time (or with any device for that matter), it will cause a lot of issues. I have 3 of these locks and with beaming repeaters in place they work flawlessly. I'll also note, if you have anything less then firmware 7.8 you will have issues

I’m pretty sure I selected the BE468/BE469 Lock type when I initially installed the device but I went in and changed it anyway. Now I have the original device on my devices page but I also have a second one except under the name of it it says front door instead of device. Is this a ghost?

I tried removing the app and re-adding it. The app still does not work.

Yes when I am on the device page and lock/unlock it does reflect that accurately on that page. I can also lock and unlock the device from that page.

The app I’m using is just a basic rule.

Not necessarily, but if you don't really have two of these, then something is wrong. The fact that one says "(Device)" doesn't mean much--that just means you have a device name set that is different from the device label, and the label if present is used as the most prominent display name, with the name in parentheses under it. The device name is often the name of the driver the device originally paired with, but you can change either or both after the fact without affecting anything.

A ghost with new firmware is likely something on Settings > Z-Wave Details without a "Device Class" listed in the table or with important information missing from the "Data" field on under "Device Details" on the device page itself (zwNodeInfo or inClusters should always have something...though the best place to look for this info changed in the most recent firmware, and I think these are the best things to look for now). So if one of yours fits that description, it likely is, and getting rid of it should help. If nothing else, you can also use the commands on the device page to identy which one does or doesn't work, then either that's a ghost or you happen to have accidentally renamed and switched drivers on the wrong device at some point. :slight_smile:

Probably ought to get that straightened out first, that could possibly cause issues.

So I guess I would try either [RELEASE] Auto Lock Door or [RELEASE] Auto Lock If those work, we know it is Basic Rule that has an issue. And you get a working lock. From there, if we can narrow it down to Basic Rule not working and one of these apps do, we probably should report a (likely) bug.

I think both are available in Hubitat Package Manager, which is probably the easiest way to install them. [BETA] Hubitat Package Manager

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