Driver code for Schlage Connect

Do you have a c7 or c5? If the c7 you should remove that zooz 4-in-1 as it's really chatty and will screw with your mesh.. It is specified as incompatible with the c7 in the compatibility list


Definitely. These are one device I have removed from my C5 and C7. They just aren't that great at anything they do, and they seem to do more harm than anything. The motion sensor is slow, the humidity is slow, the light sensor isn't that sensitive and slow, etc.

Into the Drawer of Shame they go. And replaced with the MUCH better Iris V3.

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Thank you to everyone who has responded to help. So I had everything working pretty much perfectly aside from dashboard buttons having to be pushed a couple times for a response.

I’m still having an issue with the basement schlage connect eating batteries. They will last about a week before it’s dead. The basement lock is closer to the hub than the upstairs lock and I bought a aeotec repeater and plugged it in about 10 feet from the lock but it’s still eating batteries. The hub is still reporting the lock is at 100%. What else can I do to prevent this issue? Thanks!