Done with Hubitat

There is absolutely no QA for this product. I've created and re-created apps that constantly stop letting me edit them. I don't write in Groovy so I use the UI to create rules which is a monumentally painful process.

Then when I create my rule, the UI behaves bizarrely. Sometimes it allows me edit my conditions, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it throws me into a different condition to edit than the one I selected. Sometimes if I edit an entirely different condition, it allows me to come back and edit the original condition I want to edit.

WTF is going on with this UI? Is the only way to create apps using Groovy? I'll do it if so, but please QA your UI, it's the worst I've ever dealt with.

If there was a single workflow that was broken, I would be able to give you my STR my problem but there are so many bugs in the product while editing that I can't even figure out how the product is supposed to work and where there is a bug.

Rule Machine is completely broken.



Rule machine takes some time to get use to. It's not very user friendly and even Bruce understands that but it does work.

The way I work with RM4 Is I write the steps I want to do then make sure the logic flow is correct then I write the rule in Hubitat.


Exactly what I do as well.


RM 4 is not for the faint of heart. But it does work well once you get the hang of it.

Just remember the basic flow here...


Write the rule with that basic step and you will get it. There are plenty of users here that can help with RM 4. Just post a screen shot and ask away !

I agree, but tonight my frustration is stemming from wanting to change the temperature of a condition by 1 degree. I can't get to the condition to do it.

It's incredibly frustrating.

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You aren't the first user to say this. Trust me no one more then @bravenel would like a better UI for RM4.

I wrote this conditional statement, I want to edit my ELSE-IF from 68 to 67:

When I click the Select Actions to Run box to edit it, I'm taken to a page where I can Edit Actions or Manage Conditions, ok so far:

If I click on Manage or Create Conditions box, which seems like what I want to do, I get this:

So I can only set a new capability for a new condition, not what I want to do. So instead I'll click the dropdown to select Edit Action and pick my ELSE-IF, then I'm taken to this page:

Okay maybe I need to Edit the expression, so I click Edit expression.

Well I can either Insert a new expression or delete one.

There seemingly is no way to edit a condition once you've set it once.

I went through this game before and figured the app was corrupt by somehow creating it wrong. So I created a second one from scratch (not cloning) and I'm in the exact same spot.

Is the expectation here to create a new app anytime you want to make a small adjustment?

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What browser are you using ? Oh and just a note here if you used the page back it can corrupt the rule. Make sure no matter what you always click done for any step right or wrong you wanted to edit.

Ha, great question, I do use Brave which probably isn't supported. Let me try in Chrome.

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NOT supported.

Chrome produces the same results. I can't seem to edit my condition.

Then the rule got corrupted. You have no choice but to create a new one and just correct it. Brave browser is probably how it got that way.

This is the second time I've had to do this. Any idea how a rule gets corrupted? I re-created this one last week from scratch.

Edit: saw your message about hitting back above. I don't believe I did that, but it's possible. I'll carefully craft the rule again from scratch and see if it's editable.

DO NOT use Brave for any reason. Chrome is the best browser to use with Hubitat. Don't even use Brave to do anything in the UI not even to poke at a rule.

I often use Brave, I will use Chrome going forward. Thanks for the help and apologies for my frustrated opening post.


No worries. Us old timers are always here to help !


I found it handy to create local variables so that it's easy to change the values without changing the logic when I was trying to figure out the temperature range I wanted for a specific room:


Not that it should happen... but some things I have noticed which may help you:

Often I go to edit something, and there is no option to do so - only create new. So I select something from the drop down, then after it comes up, I click cancel. Then after the page refreshes it will show the edit button. A little weird to have to do that, but not much other choice when you can't use the back button.

Sometimes you go to create an action, and you change your mind / clicked wrong, and then you try to cancel out of it, but when you go back in to create it correctly the original reappears as if you want to continue where you left off versus start new. Usually when this happens I am concerned the rule is corrupt and start again. But, if you aren't concerned, you can usually get this to go away by finishing the original action/condition you didn't want, and then deleting it. But I've seen this issue a lot less lately, it may have been squashed.

Finally always wait for the page to fully load. I often click faster than the UI refreshes - such as I make a change, see the done button and click on it. But at the same time the page refreshes, and I've actually clicked on something else (usually edit conditions). This doesn't seem to have any poor effect on your rule, just brings you to the wrong screen and can be frustrating.

Not saying the above should happen, but it helps to know that is what is happening :slight_smile:


I tried editing a few times and it's way more work than it's worth

Just delete the Else-If and insert above... and enter the new condition

AND, if at all possible, use Simple Lighting or other apps, like was said above, RM is not for the faint of heart

What I get frustrated about is a rule can run fine for days, weeks or months, then it stops working, I come here and folks say, oh this is wrong or that is wrong... WTF, it's been working fine and now it stops...

So hard to follow along and learn, for me at least

Good luck

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Now that's an excellent idea! I'll definitely do that instead.

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