Devices out of sync regularly

Hello HE Support and Community, I have been experiencing sync issues between the state of my devices and what my Hubitat shows. For instance, the hub will show several of my lights and switches as ON when in reality they are off. It does not matter if they are Z-Wave or WiFi devices. If I go to the individual switch and hit 'refresh' the correct state then gets captured in the hub. Also, if I cycle the device from the Hub dashboard or if a user uses the device (physically toggles it) then the Hub gets back in sync with that device.

For what it matters, I have several ZWave outlets that are plugged in and act as repeaters such that there really arent any hard-to-reach areas and my WiFi is quite consistent everywhere as well.

Can someone please help me debug and figure out what is going on? It's been frustrating to be wondering whether a device is actually on or not.

What devices are you using?

I have WEMO outlets and switches, GE/Jasco In-wall Zwave switches, GE/Jasco Zwave plugin outlets, and a HomeSeer WD-200 Dimmer.

I don't know much about WEMO.. but what models of GE/Jasco? Because if they aren't z-wave plus you will need to enable polling as pre-zwave+ GE/Jasco don't report changes

but WEMO will probably be a similar issue.. the driver you use will probably have to poll for changes

In regards to z-wave polling reference:

If your GE devices pairs as "Generic Z-Wave Dimmer" or "Generic Z-Wave Switch" it is a candidate for needing Z-Wave Poller.

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They are mixed...some are plus while others are not. I am seeing the same behavior throughout my network though. Here are the specific non-wifi models I have:

GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Light Switch, On/Off Paddle, In-Wall, White & Lt. Almond Paddles, Repeater & Range Extender, 12722

GE 14291 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch

Honeywell Z-Wave Plus Smart On/Off Light and Appliance Switch, Dual Outlet Plug-In, 39342

HomeSeer HS-WD200+ Z-Wave Plus Scene-Capable Smart Dimmer Switch

I havent thought of adding a poller...I can search our Community for a solution but if you have one off the top of your head, please do let me know.

Will it slow my HE network any?

Ok.. the GE 12722 will need polling as this is not z-wave plus

The GE 14291 shouldn't need polling, but make sure you are using the generic z-wave smart switch driver and not the generic z-wave switch driver
same for the Honeywell
Honeywell 39342 not sure about this one but it is plus.. just make sure you are using a plus driver
Looks like the HS-WD200+ has it's own driver make sure you are using the correct one for that one

and hit configure on all these... sometimes reporting doesn't get setup right unless you hit configure..

I have similar issue with two dimmer, Aurora and a quibo, they intermittently do report on /off and power level reports are getting through just not on/off. One is z-wave the other zigbee

There is a built-in Z-Wave poller app in HE. You can also do it through Rule Machine.

As for the are you integrating that with Hubitat. They were two of the very first smart devices I ever bought. And because they were so expensive I have been resistant to throw them out. But they are sitting in a drawer now. They simply do not stay connected enough to remain reliable. They are terrible devices that take forever to boot up and have extremely weak wifi radios. I wouldn't use them.

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I am using @jason0x43 's excellent App and Drivers...used to have reliability issues until Jason totally devoted a huge chunk of his time to help get the port switching resolved. His GitHub is at GitHub - jason0x43/hubitat: Hubitat apps and drivers and there's a discussion page here Wemo switch and insight smart plug

I really don't have any issues w the WEMO's other than this overall Hubitat to Device sync issue.

Well, the only thing they do is switch on and off. So, I would think that not doing that would be 100% failure. And the issue is not with the drivers it's with the devices themselves.

I have a WeMo Switch and an Insight.
Both are working and updating OK.
I'm using @jason0x43 WeMo Connect dated 23rd July 2019 and his drivers.
Which app/drivers are you using?
Sorry I meant to direct that to @walksonair

As I said, I have removed them from Hubitat a long time ago because they would never stay in sync with the hub.

I should also note that locks also exhibit this sync issue. Specifically the Schlage Z Wave lock.

When I try to add the poller, I only get one device to monitor and to be honest, upon inspection that device was using the wrong non-smart handler even though it was Z Wave Plus.

I suspect it has something to do with the hub and here's hoping the HE tech support team could help me run deeper diagnostics?

Have you run a z-wave repair? You've had your hub for quite a while, right? Have you just started having these problems? What changed recently?

I went through this with some old non-plus GE switches. The built-in poller did work but was flooding the network with traffic. I was also having some general Z-Wave network issues as others here have mentioned. Once I finally replaced the handful of non-plus switches with newer models all these issues disappeared.

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