Devices in Hubitat Elevation C-8 Not Responding to Commands (Gledopto Zigbee LED Controller and Zigbee Power Metering Switch

Hello community,

I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out because I'm new to Hubitat and just successfully paired my first device, a Gledopto Zigbee 3.0 LED controller, with the generous assistance of some community members here, for which I'm grateful. However, I'm encountering some difficulties with the device's interface.

Specifically, I'm unable to change the real color of the LEDs. In the beginning I thought that I had to adjust the color map settings and click "Save Presets," but nothing seemed to change. Then I clicked ''set colour'' and the colour changes. BUT I do not have all the colours. For exemple Magenta, or RED colour are not there. Only very soft. The RED becomes yellow. The Green is a bit yellow. The Blue is ok. But the green i can see it when I click off button (see more info below).

Even when I try to adjust parameters like hue, level, and saturation by inputting specific numbers, the changes don't take effect after saving. Here's a snapshot of the current states:

Current States

  • ColorMode: RGB
  • ColorName: Blue
  • ColorTemperature: 6329
  • Hue: 67
  • Level: 20
  • Saturation: 100
  • Switch: On

Additionally, when attempting to toggle the switch on or off, I noticed that next to switch is written either on or off but the controller does not switch on or off. It just changes colour from turquoise to green.

One member of the forum suggested that there might be a driver available ([RELEASE] GLEDOPTO ZigBee RGB+CCT Controller GL-C-008 2ID Driver) that could address these issues.

I've also tried testing another device, a Zigbee power metering switch, but encountered similar issues. This switch is meant to control the electricity consumption of a wall plug, yet I couldn't find any controls related to this functionality. Not even a basic on/off switch.

Does anyone have experience with this driver or know if I might be overlooking something in my setup?

And does anyone know a Zigbee power metering Switch that works both the metering and the on/off mode with HE ?

Thank you all in advance for your assistance

All the best

You're getting there, it gets easier. :smiley:

This is a good thread to read.

You need to find the proper Drivers for your devices, unfortunately ZigBee devices are pretty bad with manufacturers putting different bits inside but using the same outside.
The best way to find the right driver is to use the information the Hubitat hub displays during the pairing process.

For example.
This TS0004 is really a TZ3000_ltt60asa:

The model information that edit: you would be used to find this device driver is ltt60asa.
Which although it doesn't show up in a search, is supported by this driver:

You can also find some of the model and cluster information on the Device Detail Page in the data section:

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Thanks so much @Ranchitat for your answer and all info. I'll check everything.

Ok but how do you know (how am I supposed to find ) the model dringer name which is ltt60asa ? I mean if you do not know how do you find the drivers ? Where ?

Thanks again so much for your help.
I'll read everything and try to set everything.

By the way do you know sth more about the switch ? Or another one that it might work ?

Thanks so much
All the best

That model was just an example, you need to find the info from your devices using the Data section from the Device Detail Page or Pairing Info while on the Add device page, or checking the logs while using the built-in Device driver and clicking Get Info.

Post the model numbers and hopefully something is available for the devices you have.


Thanks again for your reply Ranchitat!
I read everything you sent me,
I updated the driver and repaired the device as it is saying in the new driver info.

The thing is that no on/off functions and in addition I do not have any colours to choose from.
If you take a look at the screenshot you will see the options I have.

I think I will post this as well to the driver post as it is proposed in the (read first post you sent me)

Thanks again so much

Actually @Ranchitat I wanted to post the same thing on the thread where the driver was Zemismart Zigbee 1/2/3/4 gang light switches - #63 by ADDs but the thread is closed. Where could I ask then if not there ?

thanks again for your help!!

That was just an example, not relevant to your device.

This is the information you need to post:

The device you screenshot above (Device Label: Lt) is a Gledopto GL-C-008P.
Search results.
Try the built in Generic ZigBee RGBW Light driver.

Example of Gledopto GL-MC-001 pairing procedure.
Note: Just an example, you'll need to manually select the correct driver.


If the built-in RGBW drivers are not working, then the custom Gledopto drivers are the next possible best-match to try.

The Zemismart driver is not the right one for this LED controller.

As advised in the previous post, please share a screenshot of the device model and manufacturer, as shown in Hubitat web page, Device Details section . There are at least 9 different Gledopto RGBW controllers, and every model may behave differently.

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Just a thought...

Given the colours are not correct when you select them, is there a possibility you may have wired it wrong? I have experienced this in the past. The LED strip (via a 4 pin connector) was marked as RBG and the controller was marked BGR. If Red was selected it would show as Blue, if Blue was selected it would be Green etc.

Try picking a single colour from RGB and see what colour appears, then swap the wires to get the correct colour from the output. Then try different colours like Orange, Yellow and see if they match.


Thank you all so much for your responses.

@Ranchitat, I have a better understanding now, thanks a lot! :blush:

@kkossev, you're absolutely right; I always need to remember to post screenshots. Thanks for the reminder. Here are the screenshots for Gledopto and the wall plug:

Gledopto screenshot:

Wall plug screenshot:

Regarding the LED controller, I changed the driver to Generic Zigbee RGBW light as adviced in another post by @dnickel and in this one by @Ranchitat but nothing happened. Now, I can't even change the colors at all. Maybe it is not the right driver ?

As for the wall plug, I found your post here @kkossev [RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Metering Plug (w/ healthStatus) - #2 by kkossev thanks so much for having added that :slight_smile: I can't even imagine how hard is to write the code for that, thanks so much :pray: I just changed the driver to that one and the plug can switch on and off now. I put as well the value of 1kwh but when I click save preferences I cannot see the value in the field

These are all the info I can see but I am not sure if it has kept the value of 1kwh or not.
Screenshot 2024-04-04 102327
Could it be right ?

I as well encountered that the energy duration changed directly after I put again a value for the cost of energy. These two screenshots show just before and after I clicked the value.
Screenshot 2024-04-04 110445

@EVOLVING.HOME, thanks for your thoughts. I've checked everything. Each cable separately gives the right color (RED, GREEN, and BLUE). However, when put together, I don't have the right combinations and final result of the color. Now that I've changed the driver to the generic Zigbee RGBW light, I can't change them at all. :disappointed:

Thank you all so much for your responses and help; I really appreciate it! :pray::pray:

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@kkossev, thank you once again for your assistance, and a big thanks for providing the code for the wall switch. It must be amazing to create code like that; I can't even imagine. I've tested it yesterday and today, and it's working perfectly.

I have a question, though. My goal is to monitor the consumption by installing more of these plugs/switches in specific locations. Initially, I attempted to display the consumption on my dashboard using the following image:

However, it only shows the electricity that has been consumed. Is there any way to display the cost of the consumption instead?

Additionally, I'm looking to implement a more comprehensive control of the building's consumption. By installing several of these switches in various locations, I aim to monitor the consumption. However, I have a significant concern. Is there a solution to view statistics regarding when and how much consumption occurred? For instance, if I can see that there was a spike in consumption on Monday at 6 PM and how much it was, I could identify the reason behind it. I'm trying to understand some large consumptions that we currently cannot account for. Therefore, I'd like to monitor the consumption of each switch individually and collectively. Is there a way to aggregate all the data and generate statistics for each switch and for all of them collectively?

Thank you very much for your assistance; I truly appreciate it!

Best regards,

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@kkossev hoping you are doing great. Maybe you missed the previous msg ? I am asking you cause you list know better than anyone as you made the code.

Thanks so much for your help :pray::pray::pray:


You can show on HE dashboard all the custom attributes that are available in the driver.

You can try this app :
[No Longer Maintained] Energy Cost Calculator - :gear: Custom Apps and Drivers / Custom Apps - Hubitat

You can also try to make some energy consumption graphs like this :

I have currently abandoned my project for detailed monitoring of the detailed energy consumption - there are other projects, more interesting for me at this time.

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Hi @kkossev and thanks so much for your kind reply!!
Wow perfect I will try all this.
I understand that there are other more interesting projects for you at this time. Is there sth that you share in the forum so I could follow your projects if possible ?

Thanks so much again for everything
All the best