Denon AVR Control Driver. May 2023, new functions

Thanks to all that helped make this but it was not quite finished. Great start.

Original Thread:

I didn't especially like the lack of options available in the built-in version so, I finished this.

I have added:
Dynamic Volume
Dynamic Range Compression (fixed title)
Quick Selects

Changed some input values.



If you have any others you'd like me to add from this list:

Let me know.


Zone 3 as a child device?

So far the avr master device is working fine with the new code.

Thanks for resurrecting it :slightly_smiling_face:.

I'll look at the child drivers for zone 2 & 3. Shouldn't be that hard, however I have nothing to test z3 with.

@abuttino does this driver deal with telnet disconnects better than the stock driver? I noticed it doesn't have an "initialize" command which is what we needed to get it reconnected if the connection dropped?

Probably not, I will add the initialize command a little later.

I noticed @ogiewon had made a comment on the original thread about having 'initialize'.

Truthfully, I was more excited about getting the new functions working.

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It's fixed. It was already there, just spelled wrong.

Looking at the Z2 child device to see what's needed to make it available for z3


Good news, bad news situation.

Of all the things I'm not very well versed in; child devices.

I am sure I can learn it fairly easily but it requires first hand testing.

My S720 was a starter unit. Wanted to see what Denon really had to offer over Pioneer.

I have been searching for something with multiple zones and pre-outs. It's just a matter of time until I get something.

If I can duplicate it for zone 2, it's going to be easy to write it for 3.

If you need immediate remedy, I can get your instant message address and we can work together on it. The first would be getting the code for zone 2 on your Hubitat and seeing if it works at all.

A lot of things available on the child device are not supposed to be available (which I saw on the word doc posted above). To that end, I could at least make sure those are taken out.

Groovy is a very easy language to understand so, it just takes reading it through to figure out how each variable is assigned.

Let me know.

Hi, I have a receiver that supports 2 zones. I would be happy to work with you to get that working, thanks!

Never mind -- after looking things over I realized that I also needed to add the child driver from Thomas's GITHUB repo. Thank you for your work on improving the parent driver -- I look forward to trying this one out. It has the potential for massively simplifying my rule-machine logic that underpins my 4-zone multi-receiver volume control dashboard!

I could always mutilate the child drivers because I don't understand the one written for this driver to just make API calls for any zone.

It wouldn't be that hard and would give instant support.

My question to ANYONE... Is the Denon API that was originally written for 2 zones back in the day compatible with Z3 or Z4 commands.

What model of Denon is 4 zones?! ... :wink:

Let me clarify.

I am running 4 zones spread across 2 different receivers.

I have 2 indoor zones that are driven by a Marantz receiver. I was originally using the built-in Denon driver for this. It required a lot of workarounds to control zone 2. I am now using your Denon driver for this and hope to simplify my backend rules since your driver provides direct control over zone 2.

I also have 2 zones outdoors that are driven by a Yamaha receiver. I found a Hubitat Yamaha driver that works.

I am using HD+ for my dashboards and I have created a screen that manages all 4 zones from a single dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below.


Good news folks, I just got a 3-zone Denon and I finally will be able to tackle this. Matter of fact, I NEED TO.

In my setup, zone 3 will be for outdoors :slight_smile:

I'll keep you updated, however, this is my first child device I've ever worked with so, it might take a little time.

I have no interest in using the built in one. Doesn't allow half of what this driver does.

Your choice of course, but FYI the built-in driver recently got an update and can create additional child devices for multiple AVR zones.

I didn't get any child devices when I set the built in driver up.

A little off topic but I'll try again.

Ya.. No Child devices, I set it back to 1 and saved then set it at 3 and saved it and initialized it again, no child devices

Where is the support thread for this built-in driver?

Here's a recent thread about the updated built-in driver:

Actually, it's not the new driver fault that I didn't see the child apps, it was because of that new self scroll and it was not showing children.

It's not like we are paying for LAN bandwidth. At least give an option to show all children all the time (apps, devices, both)

I put across around 10TB of local data a month on my network and Hubitat wouldn't bog my network down with more text and a few more calls., I don't see a reason it's forced that we need to keep expanding to get children.

I understand it's to reduce clutter, but it introduced new problems.


im new here not really sure im in the right place for this. ive been using denon for years with HEOS. i like it but one thing i dont like is that i cannot put the amp on a dmz and let the client HEOS app connect to it from a different network. Is that something that can be accomplished with this driver?

Seems like a vlan issue. Is this correct?

The HEOS app is DLNA so yes. It is a subnet issue. DLNA does not traverse subnets.

Added (3/30/2024):

More audio modes for reporting (I like to know which mode the receiver is in e.g. Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D), have "Notifications for Fire TV" and use tasker and webCoRE to send the current audio mode to my TV. Some of these also work to change the receiver mode, some don't, but they all report well.

Front display dimmer control

Same link as above