Denon AVR Control Driver. May 2023, new functions

Thanks to all that helped make this but it was not quite finished. Great start.

Original Thread:

I didn't especially like the lack of options available in the built-in version so, I finished this.

I have added:
Dynamic Volume
Dynamic Range Compression (fixed title)
Quick Selects

Changed some input values.



If you have any others you'd like me to add from this list:

Let me know.


Zone 3 as a child device?

So far the avr master device is working fine with the new code.

Thanks for resurrecting it :slightly_smiling_face:.

I'll look at the child drivers for zone 2 & 3. Shouldn't be that hard, however I have nothing to test z3 with.

@abuttino does this driver deal with telnet disconnects better than the stock driver? I noticed it doesn't have an "initialize" command which is what we needed to get it reconnected if the connection dropped?

Probably not, I will add the initialize command a little later.

I noticed @ogiewon had made a comment on the original thread about having 'initialize'.

Truthfully, I was more excited about getting the new functions working.

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It's fixed. It was already there, just spelled wrong.

Looking at the Z2 child device to see what's needed to make it available for z3


Good news, bad news situation.

Of all the things I'm not very well versed in; child devices.

I am sure I can learn it fairly easily but it requires first hand testing.

My S720 was a starter unit. Wanted to see what Denon really had to offer over Pioneer.

I have been searching for something with multiple zones and pre-outs. It's just a matter of time until I get something.

If I can duplicate it for zone 2, it's going to be easy to write it for 3.

If you need immediate remedy, I can get your instant message address and we can work together on it. The first would be getting the code for zone 2 on your Hubitat and seeing if it works at all.

A lot of things available on the child device are not supposed to be available (which I saw on the word doc posted above). To that end, I could at least make sure those are taken out.

Groovy is a very easy language to understand so, it just takes reading it through to figure out how each variable is assigned.

Let me know.

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