Dashboard tile to show the status of switch without being able to change it?

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I'm setting up my first dashboards and I want to be able to show the state of a virtual switch (on or off) in a tile without the tile being able to change the switch state. Is there a way to do this?

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There should be something you can use in the "attribute" tile instead of using the switch template.

Once you select that attribute template in the middle column, there should be a selection of items in the right column.

Here is a recent thread with options:

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I don't see anything usable in "attribute" for virtual switch (mine could be wrong) but found it. Vswitch does work see below.

I use @Cobra Super Tile to make this.


It is only info no control.

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You can also just put a blank tile over top of the switch tile. That way it can't be clicked. For example, if you don't use the image tile, you can change the image tile template to have a clear background. Then place this overtop of the switch tile and then it won't be able to be tapped. When stacking tiles, the one with the highest number is always on top.

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I second using the attribute tile. I am able to see the status of my switch without controlling it.

USG is controllable, Router is not

This is how I have the tile configured

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Tile Master can do this. You choose if you want control or not.


Maybe that is the key word there. I guess I had never tried attribute on a VS.

But I just did, and it had "switch" as an attribute. That so called switch attribute cannot be toggled, it is just a status On/Off on my device.

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