Create Dakboard-alike dashboard with HE Dashboard

Hi all,

I'm after a family dashboard page that can show family calendar and a couple of screenshots taken from the finance software ( - to know whether our family spending on-track or not.

What I have in mind is to install full kiosk browser on Android table and have the following dashboard displayed:

  • Shows third-party calendar list (through .ical file)
  • Shows date and time on top (nice to have)
  • Ability to move to a different dashboard when user click on a specific tile
  • Cycle background image (nice to have: ability to show different image background based on today's weather)
  • Shows weather icons/weather info for the day, something like this:

I looked at Dakboard, 80% of the feature I'm after is there, unfortunately, it is too costly (especially if I wanted to have 'multiple screens loop' option).
With Dakboard, there is no ability to click on an image/icon and make it full screen/move to different screen.

I don't mind to pay a little bit, but not as expensive as dakboard, ideally once-off (after all this is personal use, not for commercial - which is what Dakboard target market from the looks of it).

The fact I have HE, do you think HE can do such thing?
Ideally simple enough that I don't have to tinker around too much.

Thanks in advance

I always watch/read dashboard related posts - but I have come to a personal conclusion that HE isn't really a dashboard solution, it's more of a content generator. If you approach your question with that mindset, you might conclude HE isn't really the answer... IMHO.
There are a plethora of dashboard and dashboard related tools and apps - from the ActionTiles all the way to paid integrations. I feel like I've touched them all.
A smart mirror with touch running Magic Mirror, then customized with some CSS and HE maker output could solve this, but it won't be a 1 night task!
This guys Magic Mirror for example, is really nice... and there are numerous utubes vid's on the subject that might be more specific to your wants and needs.

A couple of things you may want to consider:

It also has the forecast overnight / tomorrow, but I don't believe it can download the forecast for 7 days at the moment. I intend to take another look at this myself at some point.

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This is my custom hubitat weather panel app, it does weather and randomly cycles background images. Iโ€™m using the BPTWorld driver for forecast data. Feel free to tweak the code below for your own use case.




Thank you everyone for your responses, appreciate it.

I checked out and it has the capability to show a different dashboard by pressing a tile, can we achieve similar thing with HE dashboard?

I guess natively, Hubitat dashboard cannot do such thing?
A tile that will show another dashboard page

There are Dashboard Link tiles and Link tiles....

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And iframes if you want to display the content on the other dashboard


Err...sorry, not sure the difference, where and how can I get this?
Thank you

They are under the tile templates when you add a new tile