Color Bulb Menu in Dashboard wont close

Strange bug in the dashboard tiles.
When I choose "color bulb" as the template and then go to play with it, I can't close the options pop-up window.

Can't click on the X. Same issue in the browser and mobile app.

Have to reload the dashboard from the App menu to get it to go away.

No problems with the template (3 dot) pop up window. Closes fine.

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Which version of hub firmware and which browser. I've had problems with that color bulb interface with a previous firmware version and certain web browsers don't work well with Hubitat, Firefox and Chrome seem to work well.

Its happening across the board.
Chrome browser and the latest firmware (just updated 2 days ago).
But it is also happening on my phone in the Hubitat dashboard from the app.

I have the same problem in my phone too

I am also experiencing this bug. using Brave browser. Also tried in Firefox with the same result. Only way to close is to refresh the page and relaunch the dashboard. All softwares are the latest version.

I'm seeing this to on latest firmware via Chrome Browser on PC.

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Im having the same problem. I have two identical zigbee bulbs. 1 dialogue works fine and closes even if no change is made, the other one wont close unless i change the color temp. If i adjsut on/off or dimmer options the dialogue "x" does nothing and wont close, but if i edit the color temp then it will work. Im on firefox.

Using Hubitat Version, I have the same problem on Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit), but only when on a bulb. This doesn't occur when I select a group of color bulbs.

When I clicked on the color bulb template, if I immediately click on the "X" on the top right of the window, nothing happens. If I change a setting, then the "X" closes the window as expected.

Still not working...

I did however get it to close only if I switched off the light. All other settings that I change, it will not close.

It's working fine for me and it's been fixed for a while now. Are you still experiencing the same problem or a new one? What firmware version are you on?

Pretty much the same problem. Color Bulb tile will not close... sometimes. I just was playing with it and it worked! But then it stopped. very weird.

Consistently works after clicking switch off.

Not sure what triggers it to not work.

Same problem. Color Bulb tile will not close. The only way I've been able make it work is by clicking switch off then the close "X".

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Same problem here. Running

Did you tag or email support?

Having same problem. Hub version

Don't understand how this is not fixed. yet. :roll_eyes:

Bump. Can a dev confirm this issue is in the backlog?

Issues is still going on. The only way to close the tile is to turn light off. Hub Version @support_team

Hi there, we have confirmed the problem and we hope the next release will have this fixed.

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Fix for this issue is now live: