Cloud backup failure causes Z-Wave radio to go offline

It's easy to confirm if the problem is related to a failed backup. If you navigate to Backup and Restore will tell you if the last backup failed.

I had the exact same thing happen this morning also... Very weird that it happened to several of us on the same day...

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well, evidently i don't have failed backup, so must be a coincidence, but not the same case

:point_up_2:Yes… Going to have a way to get better logging in the next release to help track this down..


Out of tens of thousands, several can be the exception. This issue is by no means any more than an isolated incident. Wish it was affecting more people, more consistently so we can close this.

lol support people are evil... "Wish everyone suffered so that we could pinpoint the source." :smiley:


No pain no gain :innocent:


Well, well, well. Lookee here:

Last cloud backup upload failed, please try again.

13 backups found, 13 showing.

This begs the question, "Is there a way to get a message, text, etc. when a backup fails?"

After my zwave came back up I have been having awful device delays (i.e. Open door, wait 2-3 seconds, lights come on). This is something I have not experienced in year(s). Anyone who had their zwave go down after a cloud backup failure experience this problem???

Yes. Z-Wave is funny.
Did you gracefully shut down, and then cycle power?
That's better, in my experience, than just a reboot; it turns off/on the z-wave radio.
I've found I've had to "exercise" my devices, make sure everything works, etc.
I have a bedside Zen34 wireless switch that turns everything on and off.
I walk around the house making sure everything works.
Last time I found a device in the basement that for whatever reason wasn't reporting.
The stuff in the basement and some upstairs were slow.
I brought the device upstairs, it started working, and I put it back downstairs.
My point being, it just takes one z-wave device to screw things up.
This is my experience.

Z-wave radio crashing is an awful event for its connected device . Those with weaker connection may struggle for a while until the radio rebuilts better routes. If you want to see which devices are giving you trouble you can start a Z-Wave repair, then investigate any failures.

The advantage of the very concept of mesh network can be its biggest disadvantage when one or more nodes struggle.

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Just experienced the same. Triggered a cloud backup and Z-Wave is dead.

Is there a bug filed on this?

Yes, we are aware of this problem. If you'd like to help us narrow down the issue, you could join the beta group. The new beta release allows users to enable additional logging that would help our engineers resolve this problem.

Sure, shoot me the instructions.

@bcopeland - saw another post that says this might be related to cloud backups?

Should I disable cloud backups and observe?

I'm already doing local backups and storing them on my NAS.

2 Things. Are you having the issue? If so, go ahead and disable after making a final successful cloud backup.

Local backups do not back up the z-wave and zigbee radios. Only cloud backups do that but it certainly doesn't hurt to do a local backup as well.

I don't recommend disabling the cloud backups, as maybe one in 10 or more fails at random. If you've had more than one incident in the past 2-3 months, then you may want to maybe reduce the backup frequency while we get to the bottom of this issue.

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No problem... I don't mind reducing the frequency since I'm also backing up locally. I actually don't even see any cloud backup (or local) failures listed.