Catastrophic Crash and why you need to purchase HUB PROTECT

Yesterday morning for the first time ever and inexplicably I had a total crash of my C7. I could not access the web interface and even a power cycle gave me no web interface. I could ping the c7 at the usual IP address, there was just no web interface and no devices or automations were working.

So, I entered the diagnostic interface at port 8081 and that web interface worked! Restore previous version did not work and ultimately I had to do a soft reset. I am posting here because ultimately I used my Hub Protect Cloud backup to restore to the automated cloud backup made at 2am.

The hub was completely restored with all 200+ of my devices, all my Zigbee & Z-Wave radio data was intact, all my apps and automations were back.

I cannot describe enough to the user community how valuable the HUB PROTECT subscription is and how perfectly it works. I have never had an event like this before and have no idea what caused it since it was while I was sleeping. I can tell you that the Hubitat team hit a home run with me as a happy user once again and kudos to them.

Good work guys!


Glad to hear you're back up 100%. My workhorse c7 has hub protect and i can't imagine being without it.

I also have hub protect, and like homeowners insurance, I hope I never need to use it.
Hub Protect provides insurance for both the hardware and software.

The other benefit of purchasing a Hub Protect subscription is that it help provide the staff with a regular influx of funds. Many people make a one time purchase of a hub and then expect the staff to provide support for the life of the product. It is unrealistic to think that the profit from the sale of a device is sufficient to cover the cost of providing support for many years to come.

Considering the amount of money that most of us have spent on home automation devices, the cost of a Hub Protect subscription is insignificant.

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My YouTube channel is devoted to self-hosting and I support open source projects where I can. I do know that the Hub Protect subscription also supports the great ongoing work at Hubitat and that is a good thing. My outage was a huge surprise, but everything has been rocket solid since so I am thankful.

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This is the second time I have used Hub Protect to do a total restore. The first time was actually my fault in that I messed up my mesh and needed to restore radio info. This time was a true meltdown, but things have been rock solid since the restore.

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I'm glad everything worked out for you. One question, though. When you say 'Restore previous version', do you mean you tried to restore from a local backup? -Tim

I restored from the cloud backup since it has radio data in it.

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