Cannot connect to HUE Bridge 2019.04 April


New to Hubitat, trying to connect my Philips HUE Bridge. This is my first post after trying to find any content in the Community - seems very sparse.

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'value' on null object (bulbDiscovery)

Before asking for help I searched:

Can anyone please shed light on this error?

Welcome to the community. Perhaps you could expand on the question. You have installed the app . . .

Hi Zarthan. Thanks for your lightning fast response.
I have found the error(s)...

Useful for other noobs for future reference. My device came with Zigbee and Z-Wave radios, but the device isn't big enough to fit both. So the error above is because I didn't have the radio connected.

The workaround is to force them both in at the same time and it now works. It's not mentioned in the docs that they don't fit the design. Worth mentioning here.

Glad you are up and working

Zigbee radio is down again. Is there a plan to solve the ill-fitting usb sticks with v2 hardware?

You have two USB sticks? If so, normally a small extension comes with it. One goes in the Hub, the other in the extension, then into the hub.

:flushed: Thank you. Oops! Apologies to the designers for my ill-informed use of the word ill-fitting!

I guess if your problem is fixed, it's fixed, but...having the USB radios inserted should not solve this problem. The Hue Bridge integration works over the LAN (Hue uses Zigbee, but that communication is done separately on the Hue network; Hubitat only speaks to Hue over TCP/IP via the Hue Bridge). Hubitat uses the Ethernet connection for this.

Not sure what would have been going on, but I'm guessing maybe it never found your bridge the first time? In any case, glad it's working!

Thanks Bert - it found my bridge several times, but couldn't continue after pressing next. If you wanted to make this easier for noobs you might introduce an interstitial after the Bridge is connected to say "Hey, we got your bridge but we cant continue until you plug in the radio".