New User, How to connect Phillips Hue bulbs to Hubitat

I have an Alexa plus with the built-in bridge for the lights. I have tried to discover the lights to move them over to Hubitat but have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

What light bulbs are they?

Have you done the reset process on them? Typically a pattern of 3-5 times turning them on/off with 1-2 seconds of pause in between. The light will flash when then turned on.

Also, make sure you have removed the bulbs completely from the Echo device / interface as it could attempt to pick them back up when pairing up with Hubitat.

In fact, it might be needed to power off the Echo device completely during the attempting to pair with Hubitat. Depending on how aggressive they are in trying to re-connect with a previously paired bulb.

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@cgeorge836 I've done a lot of this lately (and then undone it also) and the easiest things to do is un-pair it with your previous Hub (Alexa in your case and disable it) then run a discover and Hubitat. It will likely discover the new devices and allow you to pair them.

If it doesn't work then I'd recommend picking up a Hue Dimmer switch and doing a factory reset on each bulb. This will allow them pair up with any hub pretty easy. Hue bulbs do not support the "on/off" trick that most other zigbee bulbs do.

I will not that Hue Bulbs make horrible zigbee repeaters and honestly destroyed my mesh so if possible I'd recommend picking up a cheap Hue Bridge and pair it with the Hubitat that way. It avoids alot of pop-in when turns on bulbs and overall gives a much better experience.

So I was able to get it to connect to the hub and I have selected the device in the echo app but I can not voice control the device now?

Whatโ€™s the device type in hubitat? And does it show up under Alexaโ€™s device list?

You will need to install the Alexa integration in Hubitat to control the bulbs in Alexa.

I was able to get it to work using the skills app. Echo app seems not work.

OK. Just so we are on the same page. You removed the Phillips bulbs from the echo plus and paired them directly to the Hubitat hub but not able to control it with the Alexa app correct? What Alexa skill are you able to control them with?

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