Can't connect to Hue Bridge V1

So after you guys recommended I remove all Philips lights from the Hubitat and pair them to the Hue Bridge, I reset my V1 bridge to factory default and paired all of the lights to it again.

Now, I'm trying to add it to my Hubitat. Added the app, discovered the my bridge, select the bridge, it said to push the button on the bridge so I do, then hit next....and it just cycles back to the discovery screen. Tried Chrome, tried Edge browser ... nothing works. Looking at documentation, I see it should go to the bulb discovery screen.

Here is what I get: (in case pics are out of order, I labelled them with 1, 2 and 3 which is the sequence I see)

SIGH Is this a known issue? Frustrating went from a sort of working system to now not being able to control the majority of my lights. :-/

There is a glitch currently in 2.0.0 on the bridge button press. This is fixed in the next release but the current work around is to press the hue bridge button and then click next. If that doesn't work repeat a few times with slightly longer delays before clicking next.

Or wait till 2.0.1 is released, which should be very soon.

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@patrick thanks for that! I deleted the app, re-added it, let it rediscover the bridge, then did what you said and after it found the bridge, hit the button on the bridge and then hit next on the web UI ... and after a couple seconds it said "Success!"

Thank you -- appreciate the help.

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