Multiple Hue Bridge Support

+1 to this, have 2 hue bridges with 90 bulbs total, only able to control 1 bridge at a time. This has been the only thing blocking me from converting over from Samsung, unfortunately.

I've opened a support ticket last week and Bobby said there was nothing in the app that prevented multiple bridges but that they had only tested the integration with one bridge. He escalated my ticket to an engineer for research/testing. I'm hoping to hear a resolution time frame at some point.

For now I've moved everything I could to one bridge and since purchased about a dozen more Hue (from their outdoor line, I might have a problem) and put them plus the remainder of the house on the second bridge. I'm using IFTTT to do very basic automation of those but I really want to get everything fully integrated soon.

After the last 10 hour outage with smartthings I've decided that Hubitat was worth the pain even without full integration. WAF has been on the rise for sure :smile: and the "other hub" is sitting unplugged which makes me happy.

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Hopefully it gets resolved, I don't have that type of flexibility with my setup where I can move them from bridge to bridge. We have a few light fixtures in the house that use 6-9 bulbs each, which is just annoying when working with a 50 bulb limit.

Yeah, you can use up to 62, but I found that performance nosedives after 50... meaning that when a group of lights is turned on, one of the bulbs will just miss the command.

Yep we're hitting all those issues mentioned. Kick on night mode and some lights just don't respond (but not always the same ones). Turns off some lights and others turn on or flicker. 50 lights per hub is what we've found to be the sweet spot as well.

I'm hopeful for some feedback soon on this matter. Configured Lutron Bridge recently and have been installing a ton of Pico remotes, the support is great for that hub. Hoping for the same on Hue shortly!

We are looking into this issue. It was never tested with multiple hubs so we are not sure what the problem is, but I've sent a second hue hub to @mike.maxwell for testing and we will get to the bottom of it.


Shameless bump

I also have two Hue hubs. Can we please get multiple hub support?

I only have one Hue bridge, but I'd be in favor of at least getting rid of the bug where it erases your Hue username in the Hubitat app when you do so much as open the page for your existing bridge in the app. :slight_smile:

I imagine these are related, since the app itself is worded as if it should support multiple bridges.

Yet another shameless bump.

This will be in the next build.
The app wasn't specifically written to support multiple bridges within the same instance, despite it appearing so.
When the update comes out you will install a new app instance for each additional bridge that you have.
Had we decided to support multiple bridges within a single app install, the entire app would have needed to be re written, and would not have been compatible with the current version.


This isn't a bug exactly, if you go searching for a bridge again it will clear out the account in prep for the new one...

If that is by design, then I suggest warning the user that when they do so much as click the name of their bridge in the integration app (something that someone might intuitively try if they think there are any settings behind that option), the authentication for the existing bridge will be irrevocably deleted. I volunteer to be labeled as the "idiot" you should assume your users are. :slight_smile:

I'm not sure if some wording changed in the integration app in the last few updates, but it no longer seems as clear to me as I once thought it was that the integration app would let you add multiple Hue bridges. Glad to hear that it's actually coming in a future update though! Won't help me (unless just clicking the above will no longer erase my username...) but should help people who run into the Hue limit, and it would roughly parallel what someone might expect based on how the Lutron integration works.

I also learned the hard way that it clears out the account in preparation for the new one. I think a warning would be nice.

I look forward to seeing support in the next build. I have 2 Hue hubs, and will probably get a 3rd.

The latest hub update did it, I have both Hue bridges connected now. Thanks!


@mike.maxwell is there a way to manually enter an IP for the Hue Bridge for discovery like you can in the Hue App?

I have 4 Hue Bridges and for some reason the discovery process only finds two of them, the other two never show up despite trying for several days now.

I rebooted Hubitat and the problematic Hue Bridges but still no joy. The Hue App on either iOS or Android has no trouble discovering them, same with ST, Alexa, etc. Just seems Hubitat can't find them for some reason!

I've got the same issue. Two hubs here... one auto-discovers... the second one just won't. I'm assuming that device auto-discovery is just mDNS/ZeroConf/Bonjour... in which case... I can confirm that both devices are answering mDNS lookups:

jules@unifi:~$ avahi-browse -a | grep -i hue

  • eth0 IPv4 Philips Hue - 70AAD5 _hue._tcp local
  • eth0 IPv4 Philips Hue - 4B43C0 _hue._tcp local
  • eth0 IPv4 Philips hue - 70AAD5 _hap._tcp local
  • eth0 IPv4 Philips hue - 4B43C0 _hap._tcp local

Any suggestions on how to work around this?

Are you installing two separate hue bridge integration apps?

Hi Patrick.

Yes ... I was using two integrations.

Interestingly... the second one did EVENTUALLY turn up... but at least 30 mins later.

So that works, but I'm still not sure why it's slow to find these things - as I say... an mDNS can spot them basically instantaneously.

-- Jules

We don't currently support mdns and use ssdp to discover. Ssdp responses can take awhile for all devices to check in to the requester.

Ah. OK. That explains it. SSDP isn't one I've had exposure to before - I've always used mDNS (Zeroconf, effectively) for device discovery in the past, and (mistaken) assumed this was the way everybody else did it :wink:

-- Jules