C5 Hub LAN connection issues with Network devices

Received my C5 hub on Friday and it seems to have connection issues with its lan port.
And thought perhaps someone had some insight before seeking a replacement.

When plugged into my Netgear switch (XS708E) the port remains inactive and no network connectivity on LAN. The switch is capable of 100mbps

When plugged into my Asus router (GT-AX11000) the LAN connection drops continuously making the device unreachable. The router is also capable of 100mbps

Only on my Netgear switch (GS810EMX) is the LAN connection stable. Connected at 100mbps

I am just concerned the C5 is defective since it seems to have an issue with the LAN connection.

I have no issues connecting LAN on my C4 hub on any of the above mentioned network.

I have already tried...
Restarting devices, static IPs, on latest firmware and different ethernet cables.

Is this normal for the C5 hub?

Hi there, thank you for reaching out. Both Asus and Netgear network devices are known to have issues negotiating the link on the Ethernet port of C-5 hubs. There is a fix that is deployed automatically within 24 hours after the hub is first connected. If you'd like to speed up the process, you could access the following path from your local network to make the configuration change, now:


Please replace YourHubIP with actual IP address of your hub.

Once the configuration change is applied, go to Settings and click "Reboot Hub".

Got a complete message.
Rebooted the hub and moved it to my 10gb Netgear switch and it did not negotiate to 100mbps.
I had to manual set the port speed to 100mbps on the switch before it would work.

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