C-5 to C-8 hub migration failure "Internal error occured while restoring backup"

Trying to migrate from a C-5 to C8. Every attempt the hub migration continues to fail.

C-5 -> C8
After each failure I have performed a soft reset on the NEW C-8, which then reboots asking aboutn migrating hubs. The hub is identified as being registered to my account.

After soft reset I can see the backups of my C-5 when logging into my C-8.
I disable integrations on the C-5.
I then shut down the C-5.
Once the hub shuts down, I unplug the C-5.
I then start up the C-8 hub.
Once it restarts, I select the backup for migration, then select the components to migrate.
I select Z-wave, zigbee, and file manager.
After a few minutes I get a screen that the migration failed with the error "Internal error occurred while restoring backup".

I have seen reference to failures like these if you have special characters in your email address, although I suspect that has since been patched. I do have "." in my email address, but no "_".

At this point I have reverted back to the C-5 and everything is working. Before I break the house again, hoping someone else has had a similar experience. Thanks in advance.

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I would take a fresh backup then try again. Make sure that the C-8 is connected to the cloud updated to the latest version. Also, before you create the cloud back-up, ensure that both radios are functional on the old hub. If the issue persists, please send me a private message along with the MAC address of both hubs.

I have the exact same issue. C5 to C8.

The email used has 22 characters including the .com. only numbers and letters in the name. Same for the password. I have been trying various things. moving the hubs to different network ports, and different backups. Removed all apps and anything related to the need of network attached devices too.

At a loss. Please let me know what worked here as I am following for sure!

See this post:


It's not you, it's us. Also the error is misleading, as the backup partially restores but one of the radios fail. Our engineers are working on fixing both.


Will you post to this thread or somewhere else when this is fixed?


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Do you have an ETA for the fix?

Next release, most likely.


Yay, waiting on this as well to finally move from my C5 to C8!

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I feel better now... thought it was just me! Wish I found this thread a few hours ago. :frowning: But it was a learning experience.

Thank you for looking into it! Will follow this thread for updates.

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