Brand new install connected to home bridge, Hubitat Safety Monitor showing?

Hi There,

First post! I have just installed my first Hubitat unit (Rev C-7,, installed Hubitat Package Manager and then the Homebridge v2 v2.5.14 (app) to be able to connect to my homebridge docker install. All this went to plan and I now have it connected. However, I now have Hubitat Safety Monitor showing in homebridge and therefore HomeKit...

But I have not installed the Hubitat Safety Monitor app. I know I can hide this in homebridge, but this is unexpected so just asking if anyone else as seen this?

Thanks, Simon (from NZ).

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I am tagging @tonesto7, the author of the Homebridge v2 integration as he'd know best what is normal or not.

Also, you will probably receive quicker responses to a custom app/driver question like this by posting directly in the author's thread for the integration in question. That way you'll notify the author, as well as the other users who also have posted in that thread.


Thank you @ogiewon for the informative reply!

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I wish I could answer your specific question... However, I actually use the Maker API based HomeBridge plugin instead. It uses only built-in Hubitat code on the Hubitat hub, and I have had it running for quite some time. Thus, I have not felt a need to try the Homebridge v2 integration.

Both are popular integrations amongst community members. There is even a thread where users discuss the pros and cons of each. In general, users of both seem to be pretty satisfied. It is nice to have options! :slight_smile:


Might want to check in the app under Device Selection and make sure that you don’t have HSM selected there.

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