Bond Integration built-in app. How to remove device?

I successfully installed the Bond Integration built-in app and connected it to my Bond Bridge. I created a test device on the Bond Bridge using the Bond Home app and the test device successfully showed up as a child to my Bond Bridge device on HE. I then removed the test device from the Bond Bridge using the Bond Home app and went over to my HE Bond Bridge device to remove the child device. I couldn't remove it though because the "Remove Device" button in the lower right corner of the device page was greyed out.

Ok, I thought, I'll show you. Surely it will be removed if I refresh the parent Bond Bridge device. So I hit the Refresh button on the parent device, but nothing happened. So I hit the Configure button instead. This time I got error messages in the logs. A 404 trying to connect to the test device. I'm not surprised, I thought, seeing that I removed it from Bond Home. But the child device remained on HE.

So I left it for a day to let it think about things and I checked back in today to see what the status was. The child test device is still there, and no further messages in the log file at all, even though debug logging was still enabled. I tried hitting Configure on the parent device "Bond Bridge" (device ID 1 btw), but this time got a few 408 errors. I tried it again, but still got the 408 errors. Log file below.

[dev:1]2022-06-13 23:09:02.826 [error]gotDevices - resp: 408

[dev:1]2022-06-13 23:09:02.824 [error]gotVersion - resp: 408 - null

[dev:1]2022-06-13 23:09:02.824 [error]gotBpup - resp: 408

[dev:1]2022-06-13 23:08:45.444 [debug]configure()

[dev:1]2022-06-13 23:07:07.689 [error]gotVersion - resp: 408 - null

[dev:1]2022-06-13 23:07:07.689 [error]gotDevices - resp: 408

[dev:1]2022-06-13 23:07:07.689 [error]gotBpup - resp: 408

[dev:1]2022-06-13 23:06:49.728 [debug]configure()

[dev:1]2022-06-12 17:51:37.198 [error]gotDeviceState - resp: 404 - [deviceId:675a4a36]

[dev:1]2022-06-12 17:51:37.196 [debug]gotDeviceState [deviceId:675a4a36]

[dev:1]2022-06-12 17:50:37.580 [debug][_:5aa87d64]

[dev:1]2022-06-12 17:50:37.512 [debug][target:zermatt, fw_ver:v2.28.0, fw_date:Tue Nov 2 19:07:06 UTC 2021, uptime_s:1224, boot_patch:not first boot, make:Olibra, model:BD-1000, branding_profile:OLIBRA_BD1000, bondid:REDACTED, upgrade_http:true, api:2, _:REDACTED] - null

[dev:1]2022-06-12 17:50:37.442 [debug][broadcast:true, _:216bcfd0]

[dev:1]2022-06-12 17:50:32.249 [debug]configure()

deviceId:675a4a36 that it keeps referring to is the test device that I have removed from Bond Home.

How do I remove Bond Home child devices from HE? I realise that I can probably just delete the parent device and remove the bridge from the Bond Integration app, or even remove the whole app as well, but I'd like to know what procedure I should take to remove a device for the future as I wouldn't want to do that once I have added all my Bond devices to it.

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Ah… This likely needs to get fixed.. Chacking


Also, if the device name (ceiling fan) is changed on the Bond hub, the child device doesn't track the change and can't be updated manually.

Hey @bcopeland. Would this be fixed with a hotfix in this release or will it be fixed in future releases?

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