Blast from the past

Ohh joy!!!
Now the Hubitat community will get to experience the developer's toxic personality and business practices on this platform as well.

Merry Christmas Hubitat Community!!!


No updates for you!


I'm guessing no lessons were learned on the other forum about toxic personality and trying to force people to give positive reviews.
I remember seeing the actions after a negative review.
I wouldn't touch the sw with my ex's system.


@ogiewon, @aaiyar, @tonesto7 @bamarayne21 - I too remember some pretty toxic stuff on ST. Bad days...


Hey, hey, we're not in Kansas anymore. :slight_smile:


So *that's *why I'm seeing flying monkeys!? :wink:


Good guess.

Unfortunately, some of us saw this coming :roll_eyes:.


Oh, this is about him. Back in 2016 I posted a bug fix to one of his SmartApps (and tagged him), and he responded by accusing me of stealing his code. He threatened to have me banned at the ST community if I did not immediately comply.


He's not the best for sure.


Don’t usually weigh in on stuff like this; but ... wow. Took a look at the “license” on one of his “complimentary” apps. From a simple web search:

Generally computer software which does not have a technical effect is protected under copyright law . For a copyright protection, computer software needs to be original and sufficient effort and skill must be put into impart it originality.

I don’t know; I do this for a hobby and this ... Anyway, I’ll just state that I disagree with this persons approach. If I had some of those devices, I would write my own drivers (not using his code of course) and make it free for all (and I’d add HubiGraph native support just to be jerk). Sorry for the rant folks. Feel free to ignore me :wink:


i did.. i posted my version of the keen vent driver with temp and pressure additons. ported from smartthings.


That sounds like him. Everything is about him and the world revolves around his ego.

That's why all his stuff has a name that starts w/"Best." If you have to tell people it's the best, it probably isn't...


I was friends many years ago with Phil Zimmerman. He had a bunch of little apps for PCs that he mostly gave away. Each one was called "Pretty Good" something. Of course, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) became very well known and widely used, making Phil a target of NSA.

Phil was pretty laid back. He thought Pretty Good was about all of a boast he could come up with and keep a straight face.


cant believe this is what we got!


pgp was good and remember using it.. so guess i will give him benefit of the doubt.. just if you want to make money on your driver work i would think a better method would be either form a real company or put a donate button.. Money based on enforcing comments is a really strange methodology.


Just in case Bruce's post confused you, Phil (PGP and other "Pretty Good" SW developer ) is not the author of the drivers we're talking about. He was just using him as an example of more appropriate humility (and humor) in naming your products. :slight_smile:

I also used and liked Phil's stuff. :slight_smile:


Just a little more rant; after my wife scolded me (to be sure I knew what I was talking about), I went on the author’s GItHub and performed a little code review. After all, everyone should be able to charge for their hard work? Right? If I created something really innovative, I might consider a similar path (not the required reviews and threats).

Now, full disclosure; anyone doing a review on my code would accuse me of pot calling kettle, so I admit that I am not the best coder; however; for charging a fee for his code...

Out of respect for his “license” I will not publish his code, but to deal with events (door and Windows) he wrote 29 identical event handler functions that 1. Set an index 2. Called a parent event handler, passing the index. I shiver to think if he creates this kind of code for a mission-critical application...

I am a Software Manager by trade. Seeing the “attitude” coupled with the “advertising” and the quality of the “code” he is protecting with an unreasonable and unenforceable “license” makes me... upset.

I’ll delete this post in a little while; just seeing his code he is “charging for”... had to get it off my chest. Do you all charge for therapy?


Why? There’s nothing defamatory in it. And it is in the Lounge/TimeOut room.

Also, I found your post to be educational.


TBH I am amazed at how much work community devs put into their apps and drivers that they share with others, with no expectation of being compensated for their time and skill.

So I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong for charging for one’s hard work.

But to tie updates to public praise, and to cut off access if the opposite occurs, has always seemed inappropriate to me.


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