[BETA] Tile Template Generator

To ease creation of templates used for the Hub Information Driver or the Tile Template Device Manager this app will allow you to pick the attributes from a device, and optionally override the default attribute tag to create and store the template for use on the hub.

Available via HPM, or the app may be imported from:


Sample Screens using an Inovelli 4in1

After saving the template, and using the Tile Template Device Manager to pull the attributes and merge them with the template whenever they change, the resulting dashboard tile looks like:
And the best part, if you don't like it, it's a text file that you can edit and change to something that looks like:
@sburke781 can give you styling tips to make this even better



Can you explain more for us dummies what we can do with that? Would that allow me to change virtual switches to be for example: home/away vs off/on?

The use case that I was thinking of when I wrote it was a need to combine multiple attributes from a device into 1 tile. When I updated the Hub Information driver to allow more customization by using a template file I was asked for a couple example of templates that could used; I manually wrote them, but thought that I’d make it easy for others to create their own.

Then I wrote another app that can also use templates to create similar outputs for drivers that don’t have the option for customization.


This looks like a much need device.

I am a bit confused about how to use it. I have tried to add the Tile Template Generator as an App and the Generic HTML driver as a driver.

I can run the Tile Template Generator App, identify a device and pick which attributes I want to display. I am confused as to how to proceed. I do not see a way to use the App/drive.


how about make this a device.. so we just add a device that is a tile,
and also modifying so we can pick multiple devices and attributes..
ie i'd like to add a tile with all the temperature sensors in my freezers or my wine fridges..


The Tile Template Device Manager (TTDM) is actually where all the work occurs, this app just makes it easier to build a basic template to feed the TTDM. After generating the template, you can either save it to the hub or copy the resultant HTML into a text editor for modification and upload later. Once the template fine has been loaded to the hub linking of the actual device to the template and occurs in the TTDM; once linked the TTDM monitors the real devices for attribute changes and reflects those changes in the HTML attribute built with the template file.

Unfortunately devices can’t subscribe to changes in another device, which is what drives the updates to the HTML attribute; thus the need for the Tile Template Device Manager.

I’m looking at how a multi-device template could be made to function, and have a few ideas, but haven’t built a prototype yet.

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i have a notification device that you can send notifications too and it can parse them..

another option is obviously rules ..

Thank you for these excellent tools...just what I need to display various attributes on a single tile.

I am new to Hubitat, and not sure how to pull the attributes and merge them?
Could you kindly explain as the current state is not being displayed, see screenshots below:

Assuming that you put aquarafp1.html in as the template in here;

it should populate on the first event. As that might be a while for some devices I think I'm going to make a small change to drive the first event, and maybe put in a refresh option.


Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, I did use the same name before, but it still did not populate.
I have inserted aquarafp1.html in the template again.
Not sure how long this process will take, so a refresh option would be ideal.
EDIT: I think I understand now, it's working now after inserting the correct name "aqarafp1.html" and getting the device to trigger an event. smile:

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The more I think about it the more I am convinced that I definitely need to trigger the first population at a minimum...

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Haven't completely tested this, but it works similar to the Tile Template Device Manager except that the attribute format is:





Thanks for the refresh option.
I am not sure what has happened, but I've deleted my previous successful setting and tried to set up new devices.
Unfortunately, states are not populating and show "null" only.
Any suggestions?

Also, I get an error with multi-device manager, see below:


v0.0.4 adds the ability to create both single device and multi-device templates (in support of [BETA] Tile Multi-Device Template Manager).

Go back to the Tile Template Device Manager and make sure that the device is still authorized.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.. but the template created is not available/selectable?


Are you using Hub Security? If so you'll need to turn that on and give it your ID and password.

Sorry, I forgot to enable Hub security.
But the template is "invalid" and device states show "null" ?

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