[BETA] Tile Multi-Device Template Manager

This app is very similiar to [BETA]Tile Template Device Manager but processes the multi-device templates.

Available via HPM or you can import the app from:
and the required device driver at:

The app starts by asking you to select the template that you want to automate

After selection click the Check Template button. This will perform a quick verification of the template format and tell you what device IDs are specified in the template, and bring up the selection box to allow you to authorize them.

Clicking the Template Preview will do a quick merge of the data and temple and bring up a sample display (this one is taking the temperature from a motion sensor and the temperature from the Hub Information Driver and combining them for the display)

Click done at this point and then any attribute change in one of the devices authorized will refresh the html1 attribute in the child device.

Sample of the simple Multi-Device template used above:

<tr><td>CPU Temperature</td><td><%703:temperature%></td></tr>
<tr><td>Air Temperature</td><td><%706:temperature%></td></tr>

Can be generated using the [BETA] Tile Template Generator

Special Cases:
<%var:hubVariableName%> - Allows inclusion of a Hub Variable
<%@date%> - Current Date
<%@version%> - Application Version
<%devId:@name> - Device Name
<%devId:@room> - Device Room


I have a question here too. Do I need a separate HTML device for each template/devices combination?

My scenario is this...

I have 8 Google assistants. Each assistant has a virtual Switch associated with it that disables spoken notifications. I thought it would be convenient to have the switch and the mediaSource of each assistant in a tile (for troubleshooting). I can't see a way to assign slots like the single device manager.

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You could have all 8 assistants on one tile with this (assuming we stay under 1024 characters), with each showing the switch and mediaSource. Something like:

<tr><td>G1</td><td>Switch <%703:switch%></td><td>Source <%703:mediaSource%></td></tr>
<tr><td>G2</td><td>Switch <%706:switch%></td><td>Source <%706:mediaSource%></td></tr>
<tr><td>G3</td><td>Switch <%203:switch%></td><td>Source <%203:mediaSource%></td></tr>
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I thought about doing that too and that's probably the way to go. Just So I understand correctly, if I wanted to do something else with another multi device template I need Another instance of the multidevice manager.

I see lots of potential for some cool things....

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Correct, that's the reason for the ability to change the App Name. Glad you find it useful.

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Now permits the inclusion of Hub Variables using the format:

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