[BETA] Multi-Place -- Powered by Google Traffic

Beta testing is underway for Multi-Place. Take it for a test drive and provide input on feature requests, bugs, or the like.


You don't stay in one place. The smarts of your Hubitat smart home shouldn't either. Powered by Google Directions, Multi-Place is a Hubitat App that extends your smart home's reach to your favorite places and the roads therebetween.

Multiple Places. One tile.
Multi-Place displays your presence across multiple places on a single dashboard tile, referred to in the app as a "Tracker", with a clean graphical look that is highly customizable. Multi-Place can even display your presence across vehicles, using either dedicated presence sensors or Life360's driving attribute. Moreover, Multi-Place integrates with Withings Sleep, to display your presence in bed. No matter where you are, Multi-Place centralizes the display of your presence into one clean graphic for your dashboard. The development roadmap also envisions various tile formats to tailor to different tastes, including an information/text only option. The tile is not required for any other features.

Automate based on current traffic conditions.
Before you typically leave for a certain destination, like work or school, Multi-Place checks traffic conditions for you. Set up Multi-Place to turn on a switch or notify you with a push notification if traffic is bad and you need to leave X minutes earlier than usual. Or, configure Multi-Place to just discretely display that information on your dashboard only when necessary, so as to keep your dashboard clean and not interrupt you otherwise. Multi-Place stays aprised of traffic conditions shortly before and throughout the window of time that you typically depart for your destination, so you don't have to worry about missing a traffic update.

Always take the best route.
When Multi-Place checks traffic conditions, it also identifies the best route for you to take to your destination. Set up Multi-Place to display the best route on the dashboard you have beside your door, so that one glance informs you of which way to go to your destination. Or, configure Multi-Place to send you a push notification with the best route when you get in your vehicle or open the garage door during your typical departure time window, so as to have traffic information exactly when you need it. Better yet, tell Multi-Place the route you prefer to take typically, and Multi-Place will only display or push route information if the best route to take is different than your preferred route. That way, you're only bothered if you need to take a different route than you would have taken anyway.

(images enlarged for preview purposes; can be as big or as little as you want. Red part in static image is from an animation that indicates bad traffic)

Automate based on departure and arrival for a typical trip.
Multi-Place can trigger automations based on your departure from the origin of a typical trip and/or your arrival at the destination of that trip. For example, configure Multi-Place to turn the kitchen pendant light to green when you get in the car to leave work and head home, in order to notify your family members at home that you're headed home. Or, tell Multi-Place the time your teenager is supposed to be at school, and selectively get a push notification if he or she arrives X minutes later than the required time.

Keep others up-to-date on your ETA.
Once you depart on a trip, Multi-Place determines your estimated time of arrival (ETA) at the trip's destination, given current traffic conditions. Multi-Place displays your ETA on your dashboard, so others at home can know when you'll arrive. You can also make Multi-Place smart enough to know when you're typically supposed to be at a certain destination. That way, if you're going to be late, either because you haven't left yet or you're stuck in traffic, Multi-Place can automatically send a push notification to someone else to notify them that you are going to be at least X minutes late. No more getting stuck in a meeting at work and getting grief for neglecting to at least send a note that you're running late; Multi-Place can do it for you now, automatically.

Sleep. Compete. Repeat. Multi-Place's integration with Withings Sleep allows your family to compete with one another in terms of your sleep scores. Multi-Place awards a daily ribbon, a weekly trophy, and a monthly trophy to the person with the best sleep score. Get to sleep and show off your bling in the morning.

App Setup

  1. Get a Google Directions API key here.. Enable the Google Directions API. If you will use Life360 with States, also enable the Google Geocoding API. Google gives you $200 a month in credit, which translates to 20,000 API calls a month for free. That’s more than plenty to keep this free for you.

  2. Create one or more people in Multi-Place by giving each person a name and a picture of your choosing. Tell Multi-Place which Life360 device and/or which Withings Sleep device is specific to each person.

  3. Create one or more vehicles in Multi-Place by giving each vehicle a name and a picture of your choosing. Tell Multi-Place which sensors in Hubitat indicate which person's presence in each vehicle. One way to set up a vehicle sensor is this:

    • Get a bluetooth beacon, like the USB RadBeacon from Radius Networks ($30)
    • Use an app on your phone (like Geofency for iOS) that detects a beacon and sends a webhook to Rule Machine upon enter/exit events
    • Use Rule Machine to set a virtual presence sensor upon receiving a webhook
    • More detailed setup instructions in the README
  4. Create one or more places in Multi-Place by giving each place a name, an address, and a picture of your choosing. Tell Multi-Place which sensors in Hubitat indicate which person's presence in each place. You have a few options here:

    • (A) Use Life360 with States with the free version of Life360. Multi-Place will use the longitude and latitude reported by Life360 with States to detect whether you are at a certain address input into Multi-Place
      (B) Use an app like Geofency for iOS on your phone and send webhooks to Rule Machine when you enter/exit a geofence configured for that place. Then just use rule machine to set a virtual presence sensor based on those webhooks
      (C) Use dedicated beacons or other types of presence sensors at one or more places
      (D) Use Life360 with States along with the Paid version of Life360. Name the places in Life360 the same as you name them in Multi-Place. Multi-Place will detect your presence at a Multi-Place when Life360 detects your presence at a Life360 place with the same name.
  5. Create one or more trips in Multi-Place by defining an origin and destination for the trip, as well as which people and vehicles are associated with that trip. Tell Multi-Place a window of time during which you typically depart on the trip, as well as a target arrival time. Select which automations to configure for the trip, such as by selecting which devices to push which notifications to.

  6. Set up restrictions on when Multi-Place detects trip departures and checks travel conditions. For example, you can configure Multi-Place to not do those things when your Hubitat hub is in vacation mode.

  7. Click Done on the App's main page, and Multi-Place does the rest.

  8. For each person, Multi-Place creates a "Tracker" device with the name of "[Person's Name] Multi-Place Tracker". This Tracker device has an attribute called "tracker" with the graphical display that you can add to your dashboard. Multi-Place also outputs this graphical tracker at a cloud endpoint in SVG format, for use on an image tile in dashboards like Sharptools.

(Available Upon Release) Hubitat Package Manager Install Instructions

  1. Install Multi-Place Package via Hubitat Package Manager
  2. Follow the install instructions in the Multi-Place app

Hubitat Manual Install Instructions

  1. Install the Multi-Place Tracker driver
  2. Install the Multi-Place app
  3. Enable OAuth in the Multi-Place app
  4. Follow the install instructions in the Multi-Place app

Great looking app.

Is it necessary to have a paid subscription to life360 for this to work?

Really cool app Justin!


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Multi-Place is designed to work with the free version of Life360. The app checks to see if the address Life360 reports matches the address input for a place in Multi-Place. This is a feature beta testing will help fine tune though. It hasn’t been tested much yet to see how Life360 address formatting impacts address matching, Beta testing will sort that out and the first release of Multi-Place will indeed support the free version, with tuned address formatting.

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Bookmarked. I will load it once my house is one color again. Interesting app!


Wow, awesome man.
It’s not something I’ll be using but I will be keeping an eye on how this rolls out and gets used etc.

How do I link this app with my Life360 account? Do I need to install the inbuilt Life360 connector application?

Good question. Sorry wasn’t made clearer. I do not believe the inbuilt Life360 app actually exposes any info. The app you need is Life 360 with States:

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The latest beta just pushed to github improves place matching if you are using Life360 Free. This new version translates the address you enter for a place into geocoordinates and checks whether the position Life360 reports for you falls within a geofence set around the place's geocoordinates. Anyone using Life360 should uninstall and re-install with this latest beta.

How is this app working for you, beta testers? Any bugs or suggestions so far?

FYI With no bugs or other feedback reported as of late, I will prepare this package for release shortly.

I am trying to enter a trip and the field for the times are not large enough to show what was entered in field. If I move my mouse pointer over a blank or click to enter data, all I can see are the up & down arrows.

What browser are you using? If it’s safari, I believe some of those issues are hub wide issues with time input fields.

Google Chrome

I'm not able to re-create this issue in Google Chrome. I have a C5 hub and am running platform version What hub do you have and what platform version are you running? Also, what version of Chrome? Also, it would be a good idea to check to see if any of your other apps exhibit the same behavior, to pinpoint whether it is hub or browser specific vs app-specific.

Excellent work, @JustinL!

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@JustinL I like the clean look of your tracker tile and would like to include it in my dashboard. I'm running into some setup issues, most likely due to my knowledge. Below is what the tracker tile looks like for me.


I have enabled the API's as you suggested

I don't know enough to tell if that error in the API could be causing it. Any assistance is appreciated.

Edit: Using Life360 from BPTworld, created tracker, defined some places

Please enable debug logging. Then, with live logging open in one browser tab, click Done in the Multi-Place app and send me the resulting log. Also, what type of images are you using for the avatar and the places?

I'm using all default images.

What version of the app are you running?