[Beta] Generic Zigbee siren driver

I've created a generic zigbee siren driver that should support all capabilities by Zigbee specifications. Please note that most of zigbee sirens support just a small subset of them, so IE changing siren volume or strobe light doesn't have any effect.

It exposes also a Speech Synthesis capability so it's possible to use different configurations depending where it's used (example Warning WarningMode=1 UseStrobe=1 SirenLevel=2 WarningDuration=20 )


After looking at HE's compatible devices list and a brief search on Amazon.

Is there any actual Zigbee Sirens available, as I'm not able to find one?

SmartEnit makes one:

Edit: Don't know if it is hubitat compatible, but should be using @gabriele's driver.

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I'm using my driver with this one:

@gabriele, Firstly thanks for creating the driver. I am using trying to use your driver on Swann one is Outdoor siren. Hubitat originally detects it as a "Device"'. I then change it to your driver.

However, when I attempted to trigger the siren and strobe with HSM (contact sensor open), all I got was a single beep.

Attached is a screen shot of the logs. Any idea how to make it work or where did I go wrong? Thanks for your help.

Screenshot of the device page and preferences :

If you tap "Siren" and "Strobe" buttons on device page what happens? BTW that's what HSM is using.

Please consider that driver it's strictly based on Zigbee siren protocol definition, but it's up to the manufacturer to implement all options in the device.

What I suggest is trying to change some settings (making different combinations), save and test with the buttons.

Hi @gabriele, Thanks for the quick reply. Clicking in Siren does activate the siren and strobe does light up the LEDs .

Not sure what combinations..

Also Swann one uses the zigbee HA 1.2. Actually it looks very much like your Bitron siren.

@gabriele, ok playing with the HSM, instead of selecting both Siren and Strobe, I selected siren as the only alert and that works. It actually triggers both siren and strobe!


Here Hubitat developer said:

HSM sends the "siren" command unless you select both strobe and siren, in which case it sends "on" command. That should be changed so that if both selected, it sends "siren" and "strobe" commands, not "on".

I don't remember what driver is doing for "On" but probably that's the issue and probably it has never been fixed on HSM side. I'm using just siren BTW.

@gabriele, yes I saw that too, hence why I selected only siren in HSM.

This issue is supposed to have been fixed in 1.1.5, However, selecting both siren and strobe seems to send a "on" signal to the generic zigbee device which is just the beep sound..

Maybe @bravenel can comment.


Mmhh looking at driver code, if "On" is used, it should trigger both sound and strobe anyway..

I'll make some tests next week if I have time

@gabriele, Thanks and season's greetings and Happy Holidays!

I appreciate this driver won't work with all Sirens, but I can confirm, I have an AjaxOnline Zignito Indoor Siren (Zignito Link and it doesn't work :sob:

If anyone fancies having a look at this I would greatly appreciate it :grin:

Does it pair with hub?
Tried this?

Thanks @mark.cockcroft, yes I have installed this driver and it doesn't seem to do anything :frowning_face:

no control or status feedback, I have looked at the de-bug log and all it gives are errors.

EDIT: sorry, i should also mention it pairs with the hub no problem!

Ok, crazy as it sounds, it has just started working, I have no idea why, although i have just updated the HE firmware, so maybe that had something to do with it!

thanks for the advice anyway!!

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