HSM Issues

There's a confirmed bug in HSM for not restoring light. Refer to this post.

I saw that but if you look at the specifics I think it's a different issue.

True but it's related to 2b above since I have the same issue that lights won't restore after you cancel the alert.

That’s intended behavior. I believe it used to work the way you’re expecting, but some of us actually do want delays in armed home mode, so they added that in an update a little while ago.

Thanks for linking that post. That's what I was afraid of. I don't think that's a good way to handle it it though: If they were going to change that behavior they should have at least made it a toggle where you can choose whether you want an entry delay on "Home" mode.

It makes no sense to me to have a delay when "Home", nor do any of the standard home alarms from ADT, etc do that. If my wife and I are both home in bed and have the system "Armed Home" why would you want to give an intruder a couple minutes free to roam the house before the alarm goes off?

I'll go throw my two cents into that thread. I really hope they can add a toggle for this behavior.

These are two different things. Delay Armed-Away is an exit delay. The other option is Intrusion Delay, an entry delay, which is for any intrusion, either Away or Home (there are valid use cases for both). Perhaps there should be separate delays that can be specified for Away and Home.

HSM sends the "siren" command unless you select both strobe and siren, in which case it sends "on" command. That should be changed so that if both selected, it sends "siren" and "strobe" commands, not "on".

Yes, that error blows the running instance out of the water, so it doesn't finish running.

Well, there is a use case for the delay in armed home mode, which we discussed in that thread.

I’m not sure what it would take for them to have different delays for armed away and home modes.

The use case is walking the dog at night, when the system is Armed-Home, and the person wants a delay coming back in.

Fix is to separate the two delays. I will put this on the to do list for HSM.

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A couple minutes seems like a long time to set an entry delay anyway, IMO. I set mine to 10 seconds, which is plenty of time to enter a code on the keypad next to the front door.

I think this should be an option. A traditional alarm system such as a GE, or Honeywell, alarm does not have an entry delay on armed stay. In the past I owned an ADT and Monitronics dealership, so I know this for sure. I do see the value in having it as a configurable option, because a lot of people would find a delay useful including possibly myself, but I don't think a delay should be forced. I have large dogs, so even if I leave I will usually arm the system Armed Stay, so that the dogs don't set off the motions.

It will be implemented as two separate entry delays in the next release.


I do not have both selected. I only have "siren" selected. I didn't even realize it was possible to select both until you mentioned this, so I went back and double checked.


Not sure this is what anyone has asked for, but it would be great to have the option for an exit delay for Armed - Home as well. I use Armed - Home fairly often, since the dogs set off motion sensors during the day (regardless of the sensitivity setting). But right now, I have to wait until I'm outside and the doors are closed to set to Armed - Home.

Why are you using Armed Home if you are leaving?

I realize it's a little strange. It's because of the problem with the dogs tripping motion sensors, and the desire to have an alarm mode for when we're away that would ignore the problematic sensors, but still set off all sirens + lights.

Because we never use HSM while actually home and moving about (just one custom monitor to send a pushover message for certain doors), I use either Armed - Home or Armed - Away when we're away from home or sleeping. Armed - Home ignores the problematic motion sensors, and is what I use when we're away but the dogs are home (e.g. workday). When we're asleep or away with the dogs (e.g. vacation), we use Armed - Away which includes all motion sensors.

That was fine until adding the Iris Keypad. I'd like the "Partial" button to map to Armed - Home (only select sensors) and "On" to Armed - Away (all sensors) as it already does, but since I use both modes when leaving the house, it would be great to have the option for an exit delay. Hopefully my explanation makes sense.

(I could swap which sensors are monitored in Armed - Home and Armed - Away, but then "Partial" on the keypad would actually correspond to the mode which monitors more sensors)

Edit: And I can think of at least another use case for someone using Away - Home the "proper" way -- if a keypad is placed somewhere that you might have to open or close a door shortly after setting to Arm - Home. May not be relevant for most users, but any flexibility to address unique cases can be key to getting family buy-in to this stuff.

I wish there was one more option to choose:


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Loop invariant! There will always be one more option...

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Siren issue fixed: Hub Update 1.1.5

Is an optional exit delay for Armed-Home in HSM still on the to-do list?

I, too, have a dog that stays alone in the house during a workday. I would like to Arm-Home for that, but retain Arm-Away for when the house is completely empty.

Of course, like many, my family are not techies, so something very simple is needed here. My current workaround is a button outside the front door that sets Armed-Home. Goofy, especially to my family, but a solution until a real fix happens.

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This has been implemented in the most recent release, 2.0.7.