Generic Zigbee siren

is it planned to have a generic Zigbee siren driver?
I cannot find it in device list..


@mike.maxwell I need this too, I use the zooz siren.

Looking at Zigbee Cluster Library seems quite easy, I can do it but how can I send this payload with zigbee.command() function?

The Zooz siren is a Z-Wave device. Not Zigbee.

Where did you find a Zigbee siren? I have not seen one so far, only Z-Wave.

I have a Heiman HS2 purchased on Aliexpress.

Interesting.....Hadn't seen those before. Says it can work on Zigbee or Z-Wave.

I think that there are two versions, because on my box it's written Zigbee only and exact model is HS2WD-E.

Could be I'm reading the really bad english on the website wrong. Maybe they just make it in both versions.

@mike.maxwell any idea on how to send this payload with zigbee.command function?


Yeah, putting bit mapped commands together is not easy at first, even I seldom get them correct on the first shot, and I wouldn't even consider trying this without a packet sniffer running....

Do you need a siren or you can test it with every device (obviously it won't report anything but it could be sniffed properly)? It's part of official Zigbee protocol, so adding it to HE could be useful from your side too...


one needs to actually see the device respond with the success flag for the command, if a device doesn't implement the relevant cluster it reports the command failed.

Also this is a siren, not exactly the kind of device you want to hack your way through...
The SO would be impressed that you were able to turn it on, but not off right?

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I could try it with battery at 1% so in worst case it will turn off itself :sweat_smile:

Do you have some code from which I could start to make some tests?

I've been able to set siren timeout with attribute 0x502 0x0000 and it's read correctly, so at least it shouldn't stay on for too much!

Now I'm trying to port some code that I've found for a Zigbee siren on smartthings, but seems that Hubitat throw an error when saving driver:
Expression [MethodCallExpression] is not allowed: com.hubitat.zigbee.DataType.pack(warningDuration, com.hubitat.zigbee.DataType.UINT16)

Is it a Hubitat limitation?

I've been able to make it working removing references to com.hubitat.zigbee.DataType
I'll release the driver soon.

Hi, interested in this driver too, you got it working already?