Aurora Smart Lighting Products

This is what I’m hoping. I should know in a couple of days.

Just thought i'd provide an update.

I have received a replacement for the faulty unit and firstly paired with Samsung Smartthings to get the firmware update. It is showing me that the firmware version is 000014, which I presume is the latest. Can anyone confirm that this is the latest?

I have then paired it with Hubitat, although I am not getting any power indication. I understand that this feature will be applied to the next build so will just have to wait.

Have you recognised yet if these double sockets act as repeaters and play well with Xiaomi devices?

Just another thing I have noticed is that the turning on and off of the switches can be a bit hit and miss from the device window. Ocassionally when you turn on a switch it will do nothing and takes a further press for it to act. This ussually happens if you have previously operated the switch and then maybe a second later you press it again.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have :wink: These two devices are a contact and a button.

Both routing through a socket. I did pair them close up to the socket during the pairing process, in hope that they chose the socket, and they did :slight_smile: I haven't yet tested just how many devices I can route through it though.

I have had another two sockets delivered today.

Looks promising.

Where did you get this routing information from by the way?

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The main part is installing an Xbee here

The part where I created the Excel template is here.

Sorry, both are very lengthy reads :slight_smile:

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BTW, you may be able to get information without all this by using your HUB_IP in the link below.


Its just that the Xbees can read a lot more.

I'll have a readup on this, thanks.

That sounds like a communication issue with messages not getting from the device to the hub or vise Versa.
What repeaters are in between the two devices ?
Did you “pair in place” or near the HE hub and relocate ? If the former, it may take a day or so to settle down into a good communications route.
Note the route they choose may not be line of sight or anything you might think they’d use.

@mike.maxwell, I've been using the aurora double sockets and noticed a few issues.

Firstly they periodically do stop responding and although they do appear in HE I can't control them. So I have to remove the devices, power cycle them and re-add them to get them to work again. Any idea what could be happening here?

Secondly, when I power cycle them I can't just power cycle one socket at a time and instead need to do a whole floor of my house. But when I do that all the other sockets (which are working) lose their light colour settings and all of them shone bright again (even though I've set them to low in HE). Can the sockets keep their light settings when they've been power cycled?

Thirdly, (and probably linked) the sockets randomly default back to their bright light colour (even when no power cycling has occured). In HE is still says the light setting is low or off but it is clearly back to its bright setting. Any ideas why HE and the socket don't sync up?

Lots here, if these are falling off the network, it could be a distance to the hub issue or a bad repeater (ie bulbs)
There isn't really a way of detecting a power reset at the device level, so not possible to reset anything since we don't know anything changed.

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Hi @mike.maxwell, just to give you some more details I only have these aurora double sockets on my ZigBee mesh and I have about 6-8 in each room (55 in total across the house) and I don't have any bulbs or other bad repeaters which could cause an issue.

But I am still getting the weekly problem of random sockets falling of the ZigBee mesh (yesterday a socket fell of which is one the closest to my hub and which has another 8 plug sockets within two metres of it). So I don't think this is an issue with the ZigBee mesh and devices at the edge falling off - or do you still think it could be?

Ah I see! So if I do have to power cycle a whole floor of aurora devices (just to readd one) then the device itself factory resets to have the light on full (even though they're still on the mesh and the light is turned off in HE). But as HE doesn't know about the power cycle is doesn't know the light has been turned on. And the only way to turn the light off again is to hit Save Device (even though you haven't changed anything) on every device individually to send the message to the device to turn the light off.
Hmmmm, that kind of makes sense but I'm just wondering whether anybody else has had similar issues on any other devices and found an interesting way to automatically save the device settings when the device factory resets. I'm presuming this is a common problem so time for me to dig through these forums! Unless you have any more ideas @mike.maxwell?

Sorry why are you having to reset them? Have you looked at your ZigBee tables to check for mesh strength, from the amount you have it should be very strong but it's worth checking.

Also how old are they did you ever update them with their hub or ST? If you don't have their hub or ST, I won't be surprised with the amount you brought that if you phones support they would happily send you a hub to update the firmware. The great thing about ZigBee of when you factor reset them you can join them to another hub, do the update if needed then delete or factory reset it again and join it back to HE then it will fall back to the original slot.

Other than possible hitting configure after its joined thats all you should have to do.

Wow how many! I have 3 :joy: But I do like them, and plan on getting more.
One of mine has dropped, and just happens to be the furthest from the hub, I haven't re-joined it as yet. Its also one which I keep on full brightness, so I wouldn't know if it had been reset.

I'll re-join it and see how it goes. Shame we cant query the current setting of the brightness to see if its dropped. The mesh here is pretty strong, plenty of repeaters and 3 Xbee3's. So I am surprised it did drop in the first place, even if its the furthest away.

I have contacted support for this, it's apparently "by design, for safety reasons" I don't by that, but there it is. So because of this there is not much @mike.maxwell can do.

The only thing if he's willing would be to add a function to be able to call the update from the driver?
Then after we send a power failure in RM we could call the update on these devices to restore the parameter?

I don't have any of the double sockets, but when I first installed the rotary dimmers I had a similar issue with the blue LEDs on them i.e. if you had a power glitch they'd come on even if they were off. Sometimes I found that the device crashed too and restarted, also turning on the blue LED.

As there was no built in driver for them back then, I wrote my own. What I did was

  1. made a setting for the blue LED (just true / false)
  2. bound the on/off cluster on the blue LED endpoint and configured the on/off attribute to report on state change and periodically every 10 minutes
  3. when an attribute report came in compare it to the setting, if it's on and it should be off, send an off. And vice-versa

This seemed to work well as most of the time the power glitch or crash produces an attribute report of the state of the blue LED, so HE can then take action appropriately. Worse case the periodic 10-minute report handles it.

As I said, I've not used the double sockets but assume they work the same way i.e. a separate endpoint for the blue LED. I assume as well as on/off cluster they must also support the level cluster if you can change the brightness (I've never tried that on the rotary dimmers). A lot of assumptions there so apologies if these are way off the mark ....

If my assumptions are correct then it would be a bit of work for @mike.maxwell to replicate similar in the official drivers, so you'd have to ask nicely!

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The double switch is almost what I am looking for, just waiting for a reasonable priced double gang uk socket. Companies don't seem that bothered by it, plenty of options in the US market though.

you mean not the over priced £57 one I had to buy ! God knows how @sandhufamilia has 55!!!!!

@sandhufamilia I now have a list of current firmware for all their products, it looks like the ST hub isn't up-to-date with the sockets as from the list it looks like mine are out of date. If we can get yours confirmed that might be your issue.

current is

@mike.maxwell I think I asked before is there a way to request the firmware of a ZigBee device please? The "device" driver gives some information but not the firmware version it seems?


If that was mine, I'd be giving up this HA hobby right now :joy:

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