August Lock Struggles

This has to be a red hearing, the August pro driver internals are a subset of the generic (since it only has to deal with one specific lock), also the Generic has no means to expose the contact sensor...

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Indeed. I spoke to soon, the generic driver is exhibiting the same issue :confused:

I am just setting up an August lock on a brand new Hubitat hub which is positioned close to the lock. My zwave control work great initially but then seems goes to sleep. I have to wake it up using the August app. I do not think this is an issue with distance or zwave signal strength since the hub is very close to the door.
I am also having issues with dashboard. The door control tile has a "question mark" and unknown and does not respond. The status tile does not show the locked/unlocked status but does show the open closed status. I am brand new to hubitat and am just finding my way around. I am not sure what the "question mark" means. Device not reachable, wrong tile or....
Cheers Bruce

That's because "Locks" use the "Lock tile" at which you probably wont have access to the contact sensor status of the lock unless you use 2 tiles

Not sure I follow. This is what it looks like.02%20AM



Okay, brilliant thanks muchly. I thought it might be something simple.
I chose the Door(control) template instead of the Lock template.

So I may have figured out a solution to the non responsive lock. Yesterday morning I removed the lock from hubitat, did a factory restore on the lock and added it back. It worked great until about 6 hours ago when I updated the hubs firmware. So a good 30 hours without an issue
So... I removed it again, did a factory restore on the lock, added it back and everything's been good for the last 6 hours.

Previously, It would stop responding within 20 minutes so I'm thinking this may be the fix.
Not sure why this is necessary after a firmware update but it seems to be working now.

Also worth mentioning I unplugged all repeaters and left them off.

I am still having wake up issues so I tried August Support. Waste of time.

Hello Bruce,

  • We are sorry about the confusion with your issue regarding the Hubitat hub and August. Our August Smart Lock works independent to the Z-Wave Hubitat hub. We would like to recommend reaching out to Hubitat Support for the issue you are reaching out to us about as this seems to be on their end with Hubitat going into sleep mode.*
    Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.
  • Thank you,*
    Pat G
    Team August

I asked if there was a hibernation mode-

  • Thank you for reaching back out to us. The August Smart Lock is not designed with any sort of hibernation or sleep mode feature. We are also capable of communicating with your Z-Wave enabled security panel but we recommend checking with your security provider for specific instructions on how to add the August Smart Lock Pro to your home security system.

This morning I tried a Zwave unlock and the "send command" just sat there with no log entries. As soon as I access the lock with Wifi the Hubitat logs immediately showed communication and everything works fine.
I am trying to determine how long it takes before it |"sleeps".

This thread probably pertains to your issue as well Adding Aeotec Range Extenders has made my BE469 and FE599 locks reliable

Just reading this on Beaming, not sure if this applies but it seems more like a keep alive issue than a range issue. The range extender may beam, Will check it out. Cheers


"Beaming" is a Zwave feature that is designed to increase battery life for door locks.

Like most battery-operated Zwave devices, battery-operated locks sleep most of the time and just wake up occasionally to see if there are any messages. This conserves battery. However, people waiting at the door for a lock to open need a very quick response.

Z wave introduced beaming to address this. A nearby mains-powered device, typically a wired wall switch or plug-in pocket socket, will keep repeating the same message to the lock until it is received. So it is the wired device that is using power. This ensures that as soon as the lock wakes up to check, The message will be available.

Only the neighbor closest to the lock needs to support beaming.

If a Zwave lock can be locked and unlocked by the SmartThings mobile app, but the status is often shown as "unknown," or if lock requests are not always performed, placing a beaming repeater close to the lock often corrects the situation.

The official Conformance Statement for the device at the Z-wave Alliance products website will indicate whether a specific model supports beaming or not.

If you add a new repeating device, or physically relocate an existing one, run the Z-wave repair utility so that all your devices will update their neighbor tables to use the new repeater. It can take a while for all the individual tables to get updated, so you may not see improvement until the next day.

Zigbee locks having difficulty communicating to the hub do not need beaming repeaters, but may still benefit from a zigbee repeater placed closer to the lock.

See Repeaters for more information and specific models that support beaming.

Just wanted to post a quick update.
I went away Saturday and Sunday, returned today and tried again for the first time in a few days and it worked almost instantly.
I'm convinced my issue is resolved as I couldn't even go an hour previously.
To recap, I removed all extenders. Removed the lock pairing to the hub. Did a factory reset on the lock and repaired. I've left all the extenders unplugged and all is working great. I also did not recommend the lock to the august wifi module.

Worth a try if you're still having issues

Thanks for posting your progress update. This is an important lesson to all that click “repair Z-Wave” and assume they’ll be good to go in a few minutes. Initiating the repair is one thing, The devices all getting in sync to build a strong mesh is entirely different. A few days is not uncommon.

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Just to update.
I now have my beaming switch and am ready to install but the lock has now decided to work on its own.
So, it looks like you are right it was just a weak Zwave network that need a repeater and time to settle down.

Or, maybe I just needed to spend 50 bucks on a beaming switch and threaten the lock with it!

Anyways, I will give it a few days to make sure the problem is solved. Maybe, jcatalfamo also just needed to wait for his network to settle.
This stuff is often a black art.


Another update.
My lock is now locking up again.
Going back to beaming theory. Will try to install my new switch tomorrow.

Just wanted to follow-up. It's been a week and the lock is still going strong. I would highly suggest anyone having the issue follow my procedure of factory reset on the lock. I struggled for months until I tried the reset.

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I am back to the lock sleeping.
I will give your factory method reset a try.
Failing I will install my new beaming switch.

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Any way of managing codes via Code Manager for August Pro Zwave?

This lock doesn't support lock codes via zwave.