August Lock Struggles

Bottom line... Dumping money, time and wasting outlets on all these repeaters is just silly. It's a kludge and a Band-Aid at best.
honestly the team should remove support for this lock or work on the driver. This isn't a beta, this isn't some private club, people paid money for this hub. It's a commercial product. Not trying to sound harsh, I appreciate everything that the team has done. it's a wonderful hub, but it just doesn't work properly with August locks.

Because this one product isn’t compatible with the repeater you own, Hubitat is responsible? These band-aids as you call them existed long before Hubitat did. It’s not like they make and sell the repeaters or have a deal with one of the manufacturers to sell more repeaters.

Not everyone needs a repeater, or one that is compatible with an August lock. You need a different repeater by the sound of the situation. Repeaters exist because there’s a need, not because Hubitat is inferior, or the work that has been done to support this lock is faulty.


The real bottom line is that Z-Wave and Zigbee mesh standards are not too robust - add a repeater, run a repair, pull the battery, re-pair the device, blah, blah, blah. All hub companies have to deal with the issues and try to mitigate them. Will Z-Wave 700 series make a difference? Will Thread take over? Who knows? This is still the Wild West era of HA.


Where did I compare this to, or even mention, wink??

The issue has nothing to do with extenders. I moved the hub within 3 feet of the lock and still have the same issues.

Ever think that just maybe .......the lock itself is defective?

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Honestly don’t know. It was early, I was tired and probably transposed some other post in yours. That is why I went back and edited my post removing anything about Wink. Well before I saw your most recent post.

This is the first mention of you trying to operate the lock very near the hub and it still not working. So how do you know the lock is not defective to @waynespringer79 ‘s point?

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If it doesn't work 3 feet from the Hub, there is a high likelihood of this. I haven't heard of anyone else with issues with the lock right next to the hub, it's when it's farther out regardless if repeating devices are close by.

I have 3 zwave locks 2 have been problem childs (until adding aeotec range extender 6's), but the one that is about 5 feet from the hub has never had a single issue.

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I've tested with the Bluetooth app and another zwave controller and it works fine so I am skeptical there is a hardware fault with the lock...

No problems with my August Lock and it's a good 25 feet from the closest hub and no repeater around. I even have a rule that locks the front door 10 minutes after I close it and it works every time.

I've had a similar experience, but even with extender now, I'm having the same problem. Also, August sent me a new lock, and it's doing the same thing. The one close, hasn't ever had a problem. When I put Hubitat right next to it, it works, extenders all work. Z Wave repair and wait a day hasn't helped.


I thought I had a Z Wave radio problem. August sent me a new lock. Same problem.


I'm curious. Which other z-wave controller?

Smart things.


Interesting. Was the lock paired securely to SmartThings? And Hubitat? Secure z-wave requires substantially more data to be transmitted from the lock to the controller. That increased payload can result in a loss of connectivity .....

Only paired to one at a time...

I just noticed that the contact sensor for the august lock works flawlessly even while the lock fails to respond. ie... I can open and close my door and watch the status update in hubitat. I find this interesting . the communication goes through through the lock so it obviously it's having no issue taking back to the hub.

Interesting. Does the lock's contact sensor pair using secure z-wave or regular z-wave? Assuming that the lock and contact sensor communicate separately ....

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They pair as one device in the hub. I believe they are paired securely.

Check the device page to see if the lock is indeed paired securely. In the Data section.

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Yes, it is securely paired.

It may be a little too early to be certain, but switching the device type from August pro to zwave generic lock appears to have fixed my issue.