August Lock Struggles

I'm having trouble with one of my August locks. I have one on the front door which paired with HE instantly and I've had zero problems with it. The back door (which is further from the hub), I've had issue after issue. I got it to pair by making a 50 foot Cat5 cable and using an external battery to get the hub closer to it. After pairing, I put the hub back in my office, and the lock would only occasionally work. So I bought a z-wave plus plug and plugged it in halfway between the hub and my back door. So now plug works instantly, front door works instantly and the back door, which is 15 and 35 feet and line of site from each of those two devices, just gives me a "sending" response on the dashboard. When I use the lock using Homekit, it responds instantly. Any ideas?

I would highly recommend when testing/troubleshooting, to do it from the actual device page itself instead of the dashboard. I myself have seen this occasionally from the dashboard page (not just with locks but the ecobee tile) as I leave the dashboard up open on a webbrowser 24/7, but when I pull up the actual device page it works fine, then I "refresh" the dashboard and it to then works fine.

Thank you for that suggestion. Still have the same problem when using the devices page. No response from the lock.

Same issue here... August lock works sometimes but rarely. Usually not responsive and dashboard sticks on sending.

I have 30 plus zwave devices in the house with strong network and only the lock gives me issues with the HE.

Follow this thread and your issues should go away.....they did for many of us....

The August Pro seems to be a pain for a lot of people. If you have not already done so, do a Z-Wave repair and then give the network a day or so to update the neighbor tables.

I have Zwave plus repeaters, it doesn't help the August lock. Most of my devices are zwave+and there is a switch (zwave+) not more than 12 inches away from the lock which works flawlessly. There are also two zwave+ switches within 3 feet of the hub.

I removed the lock today and did a zwave repair. I then readded the lock. It is already showing a massive delay from the time I press the lock or unlock button

Here's the strange bit,the first time I press the button it takes like 30 seconds before it actually works, if I then press the lock and unlock button working the next minute or so, it will receive the command within 5 to 10 seconds each time. If I then wait about 15 or 20 minutes and try it again I'm back to a 30 second delay.

I borrowed one first, and it didn't help, so I bought one. Still didn't help.

I've been repeating this step. Much like a positive pregnancy test, no matter how many times it's repeated, the results are the same.

Why did you remove the lock and do the repair? You should do the repair with the lock in place.

Because this is the fourth time I did the repair. The first three times I didn't remove the device and it only fixed the problem for a few hours.

You mean you have adequate repeaters in place, then with everything installed and joined, you did a Z-Wave repair and then waited a day before testing?

The purpose of the Z-Wave repair is so the repeating devices know what end devices are near them essentially. Itโ€™s kind of like updating the map of the Z-Wave mesh. So the lock needs to be near the repeater intended for it in order for the repair to be effective.

Have you tried swapping the repeater closest to the lock for another one to see if that improves the situation?

I have 5 zwave plus repeaters as well within 5 feet from a lock, had the same issues you had until I added 3 range extenders

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One helps, but it does not and will not fix the issue, 2 worked much better but still had occasional drop offs, now with 3 both trouble locks haven't dropped off or missed a poll/refresh in 5 days since adding it. These are not just "repeaters" .....they are also signal amplifiers.

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One interesting thing I noticed. If I use the August bluetooth app to either unlock or lock the troubled August lock, the habitat dashboard will work flawlessly for the next several minutes.
It's almost as if the lock is going to sleep and the August app wakes it up.

That is what the issue (IMO) is entirely with these zwave locks and hubitat. Is the Zwave signal coming out of the Hubitat Hub is not "consistantly" strong enough to "wake up" the lock. Sometime this week when my #4 repeater gets added (ordered before #3 was added and fixed the issue) I will be testing this theory in depth by trying to pair AND configure these locks "in place'" with the repeaters added. This was in no way possible before, as I tried for an entire day already.

What I've found like you that you can power cycle the lock itself and usually it will work fine for about 5 minutes then drops I believe normal"repeaters" is just repeating the already weak signal and it isn't enough to wake the locks up, But with these extenders amplifying the signal it does the trick.

I should know the results in a week or so.

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I had the same perspective, until I learned that the range extenders also amplify the z-wave signal. Adding 3 range extenders has made both my Schlage locks (BE469, FE599) super reliable, by the following criteria:

  • They haven't dropped off the z-wave network.
  • Refreshes by Reliable Locks absolutely do not fail.
  • Adding/deleting lock codes works reliably every single time. I can run RM automations based on lock codes
  • I could unpair/re-pair the FE599 without moving the hub to be close to it. That never worked before.
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Yes, but I think it depends on your definition of "adequate. I have a 1300 sq foot house, all one level, I have one repeater in the kitchen which works wonderfully, and the lock is 30 feet away from that plug. Still doesn't work. Also, my repair claims to only take a minute or two as I only have this plug and 2 August locks on the Z Wave plus network.