, HomeSeer Multi-Sensor HSM200, Z-Wave Function

I'm seeing an issue HomeSeer Multi-Sensor HSM200 Driver. This doesn't have the functionality of other Drivers that I have seen (i.e. temp adjust, and other functions). Plus, when I used the multi color LED part wouldn't work at all. I had to revert back and resave my rules. I'm not sure what's up the Device Driver.

With the new platform update I'm seeing much better z-wave usability

Z-Wave and August Lock

Z-wave seems to be more stable and responding more consistently. Please, review the My post on August lock and this update.

I am a newbie HE user who has just moved from ST. One of my prized devices is the HSM200 Z-Wave Multisensor, with motion detector, temperature, ambiance, and settable color LED. I have installed the HomeSeer HSM200 Multi-Sensor driver code by djzizzyd. In looking at the code, it clearly supports the above functions.

My question is that although the device is shown in my "Devices" list and although I have the type set to "HomeSeer Multisensor HSM200", this device fails to show in any lists allowing me to change its color or turn it on or off. Am I missing something? I used to be able to control this device with the ST equivalent of a custom device handler. Maybe I missed setting something?


ya the new firmware still does not have fully functioning hsm200 i think only motion and switch or something.. i am using this custome device type